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The Judges

Simone Francini

Simone Francini, Rome, 29 years old (more then 10 years spent behind the bar)

Every bartender has their own way of doing things and you improve over time. Bartenders call it ‘sprezzatura’ – a certain lightness of touch, a nonchalance that makes what you’re doing look and feel natural. It’s in everything you do, how you pour, how you stir how you approach to the customer…and you learn from your mistakes what works and what doesn’t, improve day by day.
Sprezzatura is something that you acquire with the experience, working and working every day harder than the day before in order to do things looking as you are born for do it in that way.
If you have the sprezzatura you are able to accommodate every request of the customer which is going to be more then happy to be suggested and helped because they trust you since the first approach they noticed you know your stuff they take you seriously.

I love to share my passion with customers by talking to them and learning about their taste, in order to design and create unique drinks, which can remind them something good in their soul. I love to say “few second, are forever”