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Michal Maziarz

Bar Manager , Great Scotland Yard Hotel

Michal Maziarz is a man with a true passion for cocktails. Born in Gdansk, Poland, he spent years working in bars and during his time studying hospitality, he even wrote a thesis on whisky production and heritage. Michal moved to London in 2013 to pursue a career one of the world’s most dynamic cities for food and drink, and his extensive knowledge and expertise lead him to Novikov, where he was promoted to head bartender after just three months.

For three years, he ran the busy Mayfair bar, but Michal has a down to earth approach to being a bartender, “It’s not nuclear science” he comments on the art of mixology, “we’re basically just making soup in a glass with ice.” And while enjoying the challenge of the environment, Michal was always keen to find a bar where he could give more personal attention to guests. He found what we was looking for with the Rotunda Bar at Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square and set out to create a menu that focuses on the quality of ingredients.

Michal’s aim was to start slowly and let the guests define what they like, keeping the number of ingredients minimal but making everything in-house, which allows them to incorporate complexity of flavour within one ingredient. The cocktails at the Rotunda Bar are based on ideas that Michal dreamed up long ago but never quite found the right place to bring them to life. In the grand setting of Ten Trinity Square, he has finally found a place for his creativity, as well as finding team members that share his sense of imagination.