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Celso Amor

Celso Amor Bar manager at Daiquiri

Growing up in south Spain in the faithful wine and sherry culture. 

I started my career in a cosy bar, managed by Luis Oliveira an ex-Diageo account manager, at  Marbella city center. Luis had seen my sensitive skills and he pushed me up with brands formation  and some bottle flair. After, another recognized bartender kept an eye on me, Pedro García (Fabbri,  Cocacola and Pepsi brand ambassador, EBC London former, Flair camp organizer) whom was  opening “Marbella flair club” and recruited young bartender to teach them helped by bartenders as  Luca Corradini (Savoy, Oriole bar, Mariposa negra) , Tomek Malek (WFA gold level) or Tom Dyer (EBS  Director)… 

By Feb 2017 I get my first Head Bartender Position in a fancy restaurant named Back! With my very  first signature menu “La riqueza de las etnias”. By the end of 2017 Back! Was recommended on  Michelin guide. 

That was an inflection point on my career and I decided to go and step further, reset everything and  move to Scotland to learn as much as I could about gin, whisky, destilleries.. 

In Edinburgh I was looking for a place to improve my speed with bottles and cocktail knowledge, and  “The Dome” was the perfect place to do it. I´ve been quickly promoted to senior bartender. 

After a year working hard at “The Dome”, I Signed with Waldorf Astoria to continue the  bartender´path, and on my first year there, I won the “Waldorf Astoria Cocktail Competition”. That  fact propitiated that Radisson Collection hired me as Head Bartender. In consecuense I launch my  second menu, inspired by Hatti Pattinson. 

2020 Arrived and we all know what that year mean for hospitality. I decided to be back in Spain to  be close to my family and work in Masterclasses and as a former to bring new qualified blood to our  industry. 

By mid 2021 I´ve been hired as Bar manager in “Purple Rain Lounge” a luxury restaurant into Villa  Gadea Hotel (Altea) were I designed my third menu “Pink”.