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Federico Pavan

Assistant Bar Manager, The Donovan bar @The Brown’s Hotel

Meet Federico Pavan, Assistant Bar Manager of the signature Donovan Bar at Brown’s Hotel.

Federico Pavan grew up in a mountainous village outside Verona, Northern Italy. In 2009 before Pavan turned 20 he decided to trade the rolling hills for a city scene and moved to Madrid. Fresh in the soul of Spain, Federico joined the renowned ME Hotel as Head Bartender; it was here where his flair for hospitality and commitment to unrivalled guest service began.

After four years of meticulously mastering classic cocktails with a contemporary twist and studying vintage spirits, Pavan received a call in 2012 from the ‘maestro’ of cocktails, world-renowned mixologist, Mr Salvatore Calabrese inviting him to joined The Playboy Club bar in collaboration with Calabrese as Bar Supervisor. Whilst creating cocktails for royalty, the refined, the rich and the famous, Pavan was unaware that at the time he was about to meet the present Bar Manager of the Donovan Bar, Maurizio Palermo and begin to create a legacy.

Dedicated to art and eager to master more Pavan was send by Salvatore Calabrese to train at the legendary institution High Five Bar in Tokyo, to work as a protégée under the strict guidance of world-renowned Japanese mixologist Hidetsugu Ueno. With combined acute accuracy and regimented techniques Pavan learnt the art of balance and precision, even ice was treated with the utmost respect and carved to a definitude degree.

The Playboy Club bar’s reign ended its residency in 2015, Maurizio and Federico parted ways but not for the last time. In 2015 Pavan joined the Coburg Bar at The Connaught Hotel as Head Bartender. With Pavan at the helm, he managed the historically inspired cocktail menu incorporating trends from 1700s to 2000s and spearheaded the Coburg Bar to provide unrivalled service and inimitable attention to detail. Named as one of the jewels in Mayfair’s crown of bars, Pavan was ready for a new challenge and seeking a bar steeped in heritage, elegance and sophistication, where better than the iconic Donovan Bar.

Right hand man to Salvatore Calabrese, Pavan is the soul behind the menu and precision behind the bar. Follow his unwritten journey with the first chapter starting at the Donovan Bar.

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