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Meet Laurenz Ortlieb from Langham

17/06/2022 | While many of us took to the couch during lockdown, the Artesian team whipped up a brand new menu of cocktails. The new menu is called Connections and is inspired by shared experiences that have brought the nation together over the past year.


Michal Fink from Amazónico

17/06/2022 | Michal Fink thinks mezcal is currently one of the most underrated spirits with its popularity growing as more and more people discover tequila’s smokier cousin.


Hamza Najdaoui Brings the A Team

31/05/2022 | Hamza Najdaoui brings his A-Team for the A-class experience for his guests whether it be at bars or for fashion houses or private gigs.


A winning bar menu? K.I.S.S.

19/05/2022 | When it comes to designing a great menu, a bartender could make it pop with crazy ingredients and concepts. But, Elon Soddu suggests that mainly it should be easy to understand by guests.