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The Judges

Jacob Lovell-Hewitt

Head Bartender at Publiq

I grew up in a town called Stroud in Gloucestershire and have worked in hospitality and catering on and off since I was 16. Most of my early experiences lie with the gastropub setting and from what insights I eeked from my mothers head chef boyfriend.

It wasn’t until I went to university in Plymouth that I got my first cocktail bartending job. I had managed to secure a job working in the cocktail bar at the Plymouth gin distillery. Here, I worked for 2.5 years and got a good foundational knowledge on spirits (especially gin) and classic cocktails. From Plymouth I moved to a new hotel opening in Mayfair where I stayed until the outbreak of corona virus. I then moved to a new opening in Kensington called Publiq, where we focus on seasonality and sustainable practice. I have since worked my way up to head bartender.