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Andrei Marcu

Partner & Co-Founder at Stem Hospitality

Andrei Marcu is a 24 year old Bartender based in East London. Born in Bucharest, Romania. He finished mathematics and computer science college and went to Marketing and Management University were he realised that is not what he wants to do for a career. Dropped Uni and went to bartending school were he learned the basics of this craft.

The bond between him and hospitality industry grew very fast and not long after school he joined one of the best nightclubs and cocktail bars in Bucharest. As part of the team he used to be on the floor, behind the bar and even in the kitchen when needed. Aged 21 is leaving his country seeking to grow and become the best he can be in his industry. Choosing UK for its huge opportunities lands in Birmingham with only 40£ in his pocket and a bag of clothes It takes a while before he joins the team at Edgbaston Boutique Hotel in Birmingham, considered the best bar in the city at that time. With hard work and dedication builds up and becomes a  senior bartender and later on the Head Bartender of the place.