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Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation Nantou Winery

Taiwan, Province of China

In the 42nd year of the Republic of China, the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Monopoly Bureau piloted the production of red wine from red grapes grown in Taiwan by a Taipei winery. After three years of storage, it was put on the market. Under the guidance of National Taiwan University and the Department of Agriculture and Forestry of the Taiwan Provincial Government, certain varieties of grapes were introduced and then developed into white wine and brandy for the market. In the 67th year of the Republic of China, wine production was moved to Nantou Winery to continue production. Not only did the output increase significantly compared with before, but new products were also continuously introduced. In March 1969, white wine was launched, and in November 1971, brandy, Rose red wine was launched in January 1973, grape mead wine was launched in August 1973, grape light wine was launched in March 1974, Pingle wine was launched in August 1974, and Beacon wine was launched in August 1977. Fulu brandy, frozen top brandy was launched in February 1980, red wine was launched in January 1981, Fulu XO brandy was launched in May 1982, and Fushou wine was launched in September 1983 (as for wine other than wine) The products were launched in October 1971: rum, June 1972, lychee wine, May 1973, whiskey, September 1978, premium ebony wine, and February 1980. After plum wine), Aiko Liquor (red grape plum wine, lychee flavor), frozen top tea, etc. were successively launched on the market, and the products tended to be diversified.


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