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ITINERANT SPIRITS is a multi-spirits destination based in Ballarat, Australia where we use a range of raw ingredients from the grounds of Western Victoria to produce outstanding gin, vodka and whiskey.
We focus on producing full-bodied spirits that inspire wanderlust and journey, while showcasing the provenance and heritage of our home region.

Our distillery and manufacturing facility is housed inside The Goods Shed (c1863), a heritage-listed heavy-set building of bluestone construction, sitting proudly beside the Ballarat train station - right in the middle of town.

Designed to showcase the bold and rich flavours of Western Victoria, we employee locally sourced ingredients to distil our spirits, before proofing them with natural volcanic spring water sourced from just outside Ballarat at Millbrook. This together with our unique distilling on grain distilling process lock in enormous flavour, giving our products a true and distinctive representation of Western Victoria.

Our signature Vodka, Vansetter, is distilled using a grain bill hailing from the Wimmera and Mallee regions of Victoria, and using all 18 plates of our Kothe Still, we masterfully create a create a pure and smooth vodka with intrinsic character.

Gallivanter Gin employs a careful selection of native foraged botanicals from the Grampians Region of Western Victoria, producing a profile that is generous in juniper with notes of fresh, bright citrus to create a perfectly balanced gin.

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