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Market Harborough Honey Co. Limited

United Kingdom

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We currently have a significant number of hives dotted in and around Market Harborough and surrounding area all within 5 miles or so, spanned across 6 different apiaries, its not yet a full time job looking after them but we do spend a fair bit of time tending to them (most of our spare time in the summer). We aim to grow this to around 200 colonies by 2027.

Currently we are producing around 3500 jars of local honey per year in addition to holding back enough honey to go into our spirits.

As passionate bee farmers looking after in excess of five million of our own “bees”, you could say we really care about “bees”, and they happen to be key to our business! The name “THREE BEES” came about very simply, when we started keeping bees, we set out with “three” bee hives. In each of those hives there are “three” different types of honey bee; the Queen bee who is in charge, the female worker bees that make up the majority of the colony, and finally the male drones who’s sole purpose is to mate with the Queen.

THREE BEES Spirits are produced in Market Harborough using our very own Harborough Honey!

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