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Photo for: Managing The Bar At The Iconic Ritz Hotel

21/07/2022 In this video, Michele Lombardi, Head Mixologist at The Ritz London, explains how he manages the bar.

Apart from being the person who comes up with new and exciting cocktails a mixologist is someone who is well versed in hospitality.

This is especially true when one is operating in fine dining restaurants and luxury hotels. From the food and drinks that are served to the experience that a customer has, all should follow a certain standard that is expected from such a venue.

As a head mixologist at such a venue one has to wear many hats. From designing the cocktail menu to choosing the correct spirits everything falls under the role of a head mixologist.

In this video, Sid Patel, CEO Beverage Trade Network is in a conversation with the Head Mixologist at The Ritz London, Michele Lombardi as he explains how he manages the bar there.

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