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Corfe Castle Spirits LTD

United Kingdom

I fell in love with this place, Corfe Castle. Warm and inviting, poetic and beautiful, with stunning scenery, old Purbeck cottages, a lively community and of course the magnificent Corfe Castle still standing proud atop the hill; this place has captured my heart. With my new gin business I wanted to capture the spirit of this place, the spirit of Corfe Castle. ‚Äč I allowed myself to get lost in old tales, myths, legends and historical research; I wanted to find a story that would capture my imagination and provide a way for me to connect with people in a more meaningful way. When I discovered the Gloriette I was enthralled.  The idea of this secluded space within a castle, that was reserved for the most special of visitors to enjoy wonderful times together, resonated with me. I felt it was something that, whilst we don't all live in a castle, is a universal need that we all share;  to be able step away from our day to day and enjoy special times with those we love. The challenge then was to make a gin that could stand up to the majesty of the Gloriette!  For its time, the Gloriette would have been a sumptuous, luxurious space and I wanted the gin to reflect that.  The taste experience needed to be enticing, to captivate your attention and allow you to feel immersed, much like the Gloriette would have.

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