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Distillerie Bonollo Umberto SpA


The Bonollo family began experimenting with the art of distillation as early as the nineteenth century. In 1908, on the hills of the upper Vicenza area (north-east of Italy), Giuseppe Bonollo began to use the then innovative steam stills, which made it possible to produce grappa with better organoleptic characteristics than that which was traditionally made. At the time, the Bonollo family was already a pioneer in using modern technologies. From 1951, the son, Umberto Bonollo, decided to continue his father's business with his own children, choosing Mestrino and Conselve in Padua as the company's headquarters. Throughout the 1990s the Bonollo family decided to dedicate themselves to creating an innovative product – a gentle grappa with pronounced aromatic depth capable of captivating and satisfying the needs of modern consumers. Bonollo invested significantly in research and development, optimizing grape pomace collection, controlling the fermentation process, and perfecting the second distillation. The Bonollo Unique Production System was created, confirming their position as the market's quality leader. In 1999, with Grappa OF Amarone Barrique – still the flagship and cornerstone of the entire production – Distillerie Bonollo Umberto produced the first barrel-aged grappa, setting an innovative taste trend for this product. The OF Amarone Barrique has been a great success, creating a new segment in the distilled spirits market. Always inspired by principles such as the reuse of resources, Bonollo works to enhance its products and minimize the environmental impact of its activities. The production process embodies the concept of a circular economy

In 2022 the Bonollo family of Padua presents the relaunch of Ballor, among the most iconic and historic brands in the world of Italian drinking culture. Freund, Ballor & C.IA was founded in Turin in 1856 by Paul Ballor, Henry Freund and Emilie Roussette. In the late 1800s, as Turin embarked on its transformation towards modernity and Piedmontese liquorists gained international fame during the golden age of vermouth, the three friends harnessed this enthusiasm, creating one of the most cutting-edge companies of the time, quickly gaining renown for the quality of its products. The passion, enthusiasm, and dedication of Paul, Emilie, and Henry are relived and reinterpreted by the Bonollo team, combining contemporary experiences and knowledge to offer new experiences rooted in the solidity of centuries-old know-how that still makes a difference. The relaunch of Ballor begins with the debut of two premium products – Paul’s Vermouth and Emilie’s Gin – complemented by the latest launch, Ballor 100.

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