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United Kingdom

The origin of our ‘gold’ lends itself to rather unusual circumstances. Picture the scene of a non-descript cocktail bar in an old Italian city. Two drinks enthusiasts; one passionate British whisky drinker and his ardent bourbon drinking American friend, and a rather tense game of Texas Holdem. As the gambling continued the drinks flowed, the British gent only ordering scotch and the American diplomat only ordering bourbon. While enjoying their respective drinks they both noticed their nectar was different, unusual, better….but too engrossed in their game to comment. At the end of the evening both our gentlemen challenged the bar- tender about their drinks. The bartender replied ‘Gentlemen, do forgive me. You were both so engrossed in your game I decided to be mischievous and for both your drinks I poured one part whisky and one part bourbon’. Both men toasted ‘Lucas’ the bartender and congratulated him on his special blend and pledged to return for more. The very next day our two friends returned to the same bar to continue their gamble and for more of their special liquid. They asked for Lucas, the bartender of the night before. They were as- tounded to be told that there was no such bartender of that name, nor anyone that fitted his description currently

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