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Leading German Spirits Retailers

According to WHO, 18% Germans drink spirits. Here is the list of some leading spirits retailers from Germany.

Germany is one of the heaviest alcohol-drinking nations in Europe, placed fifth after Luxembourg, Hungary, Czech Republic and Ireland. According to the World Health Organization, the European region has the highest alcohol intake of all other regions in the world and per capita consumption twice as high as the world average.

Delicious Berlin

Delicious Berlin gourmet shop is located in Berlin in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district. They're sitting in the heart of Berlin's West. Pariser Strasse used to be the city's main entertainment street. The former "party mile" has become one of the most beautiful parts of Berlin. This is where you can buy fine spirits, wines and cigars. Behind Delicious Berlin is a young team that is interested in high-quality gourmet products for years. Previously, their products were only available online. Since, they believed in the fact that one must experience fine spirits, great wines and fine cigars, they decided to open a shop for connoisseurs in 2011.

Location: Pariser Str. 54, 10719 Berlin, Germany.

For any queries call: +49 30 56596618


Big Market

Until July 2011, the Big Market was a traditional family business that existed for 46 years. Post that, the big market is managed by a new owner. He is trying to follow the previous "traces" of the big market. Big Market is considered to be the best - filled whiskey market in Germany, as their whiskey and whiskey assortment includes more than 3000 varieties! In their rooms in Berlin, is Germany's first whiskey museum with rare qualities. The many precious antiques create an incomparable atmosphere again and again. Their customers are thrilled and the pleasure in watching and especially in the tasting is fortunately increased. Not only do they have whiskey and whiskey on offer, hundreds of fine cognacs and champagnes are also available for sale and due to their wide choice and reputation. The big market even had the honour of serving the Royal Family of Great Britain.

Location: Buckower Damm 86, 12349 Berlin, Germany.

For any queries call: +49 30 6045686


Rum Depot

Stefan Brinkmann and his team run the Rum Depot out of a passion for spirits. Stefan originally came from the gin side and then discovered the rum for himself through the "German Rum Ambassador" Dirk Becker! All employees have the knowledge and have worked as bartenders before. After years of working together with Dirk Becker, the founder of Rum Depot; he took over the depot in 2018. In addition to nearly 1,000 different rums and over 200 gins, the Rum Depot also offers a wide selection of other spirits, such as whiskey, vermouth, brandy, tequila, mezcal, bitters and more. The entire range comprises around 2,000 spirits. Much can be tasted on-site or you can visit one of the exciting tastings that are offered regularly. Rum Depot is also a gastronomic partner and supplies to the best bars and hotels!

Location: Apostel-Paulus-Straße 35, 10823 Berlin, Germany.

For any queries call: +49 30 77008811


Absinthe Depot

The absinthe depot is one of the oldest specialist shops for absinthes and accessories of all kinds in the world. In addition to the items offered here, we also stock a small selection of high-quality spirits and other beverages. You can shop with us until midnight or just drink a glass or two of absinthe. They serve the absinthes in a classic way with ice water from the fountain, if you want a different type of preparation; you have to let them know when you order.

You have the choice of 12 absinthes on the map. If you want to try something different, they will try to fulfil your wish, all absinthes that are open will be served in a glass.

Location: Weinmeisterstraße 4, 10178 Berlin, Germany.

For any queries call: +49 30 2816789


Whisky & Passion

Whiskey & Passion, founded in 1997, offers whiskeys, rum and cigars in a wide variety, as well as a fine selection of cognac and sherry. They attach particular importance to a technically savvy and individual consultation of their customers. In their whiskey shelves, you will find several hundred, various bottling’s from Scotland, Ireland, America and exotic whiskeys from countries such as Japan and New Zealand, for example, from Sweden and Austria and many more. They pay special attention to the Scottish single malt and the so-called barrel-strength whiskey, as well as the American small-batch Bourbon. In addition, you will find around a hundred high-quality rum bottlings from all over the world, for example, Cuba and other Caribbean countries, Guatemala, India or Peru. The brown rum varieties, which have long matured in oak barrels, develop a broad aromatic spectrum of coffee, spice, heavy or even light, fruity notes, making them the perfect companion to a fine cigar.

Location: Sophienstraße 8-9, 10178 Berlin, Germany.

For any queries call: +49 30 2820376


Whiskey For Life

WHISKY FOR LIFE is dedicated to the best drinks in the world and to everyone, to whom whiskey means something in life, with heart and soul. Cost and experience are the two outstanding living glasses of water at Fahrgasse 6, Frankfurt is Main, directly behind the cathedral. They have a single malt, fruit brandies and calvados, other world whiskies and the blended as well, cognac, rum and gin.

Location: Fahrgasse 6, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

For any queries call: +49 69 92038687



The Weinquelle Lühmann is a specialist shop and online shop for whiskey, rum, fine wines and spirits. The traditional family business was founded in 1919 and is managed in the 3rd and 4th generation. Uwe Lühmann, owner of the Hanseatic trading company for premium spirits and wines and his 18 employees are looking for unusual specialities, are committed to the highest quality, best service and thus for the satisfaction of their customers. The Weinquelle Lühmann offers an unparalleled selection of fine wines and fine spirits from all over the world with over 6,000 different items that are constantly in stock. The company headquarters with a large showroom, pick-up service for online customers, modern tasting and event rooms and a well-stocked warehouse were opened in April 2016 in Siek. The internet shop is one of the largest online wine and spirits dealers in Germany. The parent company, in which all online available articles are directly available, is located near the centre of Hamburg.

Location: Lübecker Straße 145, 22087 Hamburg, Germany.

For any queries call: +49 040/300 672 950



On October 26, 1977, four former fellow students decided to appeal to their passion for whiskey and founded Scotch Malt Whiskey GmbH in Bergisch Gladbach. Since the advertised company name appeared too long to the responsible administrative officer, one followed his recommendation and named himself with the abbreviation SCOMA. In the course of its development, SCOMA has developed into a broad-based mail-order business through its own bottling’s and its multi-faceted and international whisk (e) y as well as more recently R (h) range. The variety of products leaves hardly a wish unfulfilled and, due to the good price-performance ratio, appeals far beyond national borders.

Location: Am Bullhamm 17, 26441 Jever, Germany.

For any queries call: +49 4461 912237


Urban Drinks

At Urban Drinks, you can find the favourites of the stars. They offer an extensive range of spirits in their online shop, which in some cases are available exclusively in Europe from them. They always observe the celebrities' preferences and keep an eye on the latest trends. Whether Jay-Z favours new champagne, Jennifer Lopez is in love with a new whisky, or Snoop Dogg is excited about a new cognac - Urban Drinks is the place where you will find these products. In their champagne, cognac, liqueur, rum, tequila, vodka, and whisky categories, they offer today's hottest quality brands at fair prices. When visiting their website, you will find not only proven classic brands like Hennessy, Remy Martin, and Moët & Chandon, but also current top brands like Ciroc, Grey Goose, and Patrón, as well as brands still considered insiders' tips like Landy, Rhythm, or Ty-Ku. In addition, they offer a fine selection of exclusive beer brands and soft drinks. To sum up: whether you want to party like Beyoncé, Diddy, Lady Gaga, Dr Dre, and Paris Hilton, or you are just looking for special, original drinks which are not available at every corner store - Urban Drinks is the place to go!

Location: Sélection Prestige GmbH, Pariser Str. 3, 10719 Berlin, Germany.

For any queries call: +49-30-6040405-10



Berevita is owned and operated by GmbH. The company was established in 2003 and is today operating several online shops for wine and spirits. Since the start, the company has developed and expanded rapidly. They have a vast portfolio of whisky, rum, tequila, cognac, vodka, brandy, liqueur, wine and also Scandinavian products. Over 10 years of experience in the spirits business developing with the time and solely focusing on customer satisfaction.

Location: Holm 38, 24937 Flensburg, Germany.

For any queries call: +49 461 48160808


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