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Photo for: The Finest Mixologist Of India On Creating A Bartenders Bar


The Finest Mixologist Of India On Creating A Bartenders Bar

Our CEO, Sid Patel met Master of All Trades, Yangdup Lama at his prestigious bar “Sidecar” which is India's Number 1 Bar.

In this video, Sid chats with Yangdup on how to run a bar effectively, how to motivate staff, how to interview good bartenders, how to think of a concept and goes behind the scenes of Sidecar to show you how Yangdup operates and manages his bar.  Here are a few questions we ask him:

If you were asked to take on a hotel or restaurant’s bar and drinks program how would you go about introducing changes to help grow sales?

I would have a few questions to ask them first. From who their present visitors are, to their present-day beverage sales analysis, their marketing plan and drinks program. This will give me a background as to why they aren’t as successful as they want to be and what is critical to their business. I would also want to know what the vision for the bar is in the future and does that fit into the scheme of things considering the present and future customer profile.

Based on my findings I would then suggest appropriate steps to take this engagement forward to make it a more fruitful one.

What questions would you ask of the owner to know what sort of drinks list to create?

I really would like to know the concept of the bar, what analysis he has done to come to this concept and theme and how much he believes in the concept. How original is his idea?  As a bar owner, it is important to have the right brief for everyone you engage in the project. Based on this I would suggest the possible drinks list that I would like to create to complement everything that he or she would like to create.

What do you most look for and want from drinks suppliers to help drive sales?

I always want my drink suppliers to be my partners in the business. I want to engage them in most of my programming based on which brand fits well with each event. I want them to be able to offer training and support that helps lift the performance and enjoyment of my staff. It is not one-way traffic. I want my suppliers to do all they can to make sure my customers have a great experience so they need to know who my customers are and how they can help them.

Can you think of any good examples of partnerships with suppliers and drinks you have listed as a result?

We have done many programs at our bar from live music, cocktail workshops, bartender guest shift, book reading sessions, bar quizzes and special themed events. We have engaged various brands to partner with us in each of these activities and have always had a positive result in terms of sales and experience. We have always worked on some excellent collaborations and that has helped us keep up even during tough times.

What does success look like for you from a drinks programme - what are the key ways to show success?

Drink programs have to be meaningful and original. Whatever we create has to match our customer requirements, suit their taste profiles and offer a good variety of drinks to explore and experiment with. It has to be driven with passion. It has to be applied using the right techniques, with the right attitude and a well-balanced and priced drinks menu. They are all critical to success.

How would you go about devising a drinks programme at a new venue - what are the key factors about the list that help the bottom line?

The concept and theme of the place. Keep the drinks program original. Make sure it offers drinks with good and well-balanced taste with a large base of spirits to suit a wider audience. It all needs to be beautifully presented and with balanced pricing (not too cheap and not too expensive). The customer should not feel ripped off. The experience should score above everything else. You also need to keep on top of your beverage costs so that the bottom line is well covered. Staff training and tasting are important to help elevate the overall experience of the customer.

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