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London Competitions : A Game-Changer for Global Brands

Join the worldwide stage of brilliance at the 2024 London Competitions. Earn recognition, connect with industry professionals, and boost your spirits, wine, or beer to success.

A comprehensive survey was carried out among participants of the London Competitions, aiming to gain insights into their satisfaction levels, perceived value for money, impact on sales, and success stories, as well as the reasoning for entering the London Competitions.

The 2023 London Competitions have once again demonstrated their extraordinary impact on alcohol businesses globally, serving as a catalyst for brand awareness, credibility enhancement, and market expansion. The last edition of LC saw participants from various corners of the globe, which reinforced the competition's status as a significant platform for businesses to showcase their products, and innovation and gain recognition in the competitive spirits, wine, and beer industries.

In 2017, London Competitions was introduced – with separate competition for London Wine, London Spirits, and London Beers – by the Beverage Trade Network. The main reason for introducing the competition was to review products by quality, value, and package. 

There was a clear gap between what our industry loves and what the actual consumers love. The idea behind the launch of the London Competitions was to make awards more relevant and be closer to the end consumer and the way they reward their wines, spirits, and beers. More importantly, this is how the trade also rewards any brands they list.

To know our customers better as we move into 2024, we did a small survey and the overwhelming satisfaction expressed by the majority of participants highlights the event's effectiveness. An impressive majority of entrants reported being "Very Satisfied" with their experience, a testament to the competition's organization and the value it delivers to all its entrants.

Image: Satisfaction chart on the basis of responses received in the survey 

One of the most notable impacts of the London Competitions is the increased brand awareness that it fosters. Numerous businesses reported a significant boost in brand recognition following their award wins. This heightened visibility is crucial in the crowded beverage industry, allowing brands to stand out and capture consumer attention.

The London Competition in the past 6 years has established itself as one of the most important and relevant competitions in the alcohol industry. It attracts some of the best judges in the world and rewards products that most appeal to potential consumers in how they taste, their value for money, and what they look like.

Image: Forbes article on London Competitions. Image Source: Forbes

Moreover, the competition has proven to be a morale booster, particularly for teams working tirelessly behind the scenes at their establishments. Recognition at such a prestigious platform validates their efforts and dedication, fostering a sense of pride and motivation within this industry.

Image: Downpour Gin Founders

Downpour Gin: Case Study On Winning Medal At London Spirits Competition

Read more of London Competition’s Success stories published in “The Buyer”. However, the benefits extend beyond mere recognition. Some participants noted tangible business impacts, including increased sales and growth in market presence. 

For instance, MOOKA Rum from South Africa experienced rapid market growth and partner interest after its Silver Medal win, while a boutique distillery credited the competition with placing its gin on the global map and enhancing its reputation significantly.

Image: Mooka Rum, Silver Medal Winner at The 2023 London Spirits Competition Showcasing LSC Sticker at The Front of The Bottle

Some testimonies are:

“Being a gold medal winner at the LSC has had a significant impact on our sales. One of our business goals for the year was to gain more traction in the on-trade. Recognition from LSC has acted as a seal of approval in this respect as the competition is judged by some of the world’s leading figures from the hospitality sector. Not only this, judging is undertaken with the end consumer in mind, so you know the judges can genuinely see a space for your products.” - Kate MacDonald and Jonny Ingledew, Downpour Scottish Dry Gin 

“INU Gin is a brand that has been in the market for 3 years. When we won the medal, we only had 2 years of existence, but it allowed us to solidify all the technical research behind the product, giving it prestige in the domestic market. Its impact brought relevance to the flavors and its innovative products, positioning it well within the Argentine market. Today, we are an emerging brand looking to export to other countries. Winning the medal gives us the momentum and distinction needed to achieve this goal” - Virginia Gonzalez, INU Gin

“For a company firmly based in Australia, we find that it is of great importance to establish ourselves in the international arena and in particular benchmark our products against a range of international products. London Spirits allows us to do this and provides us with greater confidence in promoting our products especially when we know they are of a gold standard. Also if it turned out that a product did not receive a medal it would be a signal to us that we needed to carry out further development on it. The medals feature prominently on our bottles and do clearly increase our sales as well as provide an opportunity to engage more with our customers as we discuss our successes and explain what led to receiving the awards.” - Chris Pratt, Kilderkin Distillery

“It is always rewarding to win any medal when competing against so many great and much bigger brands, but to win the Best Brandy at this year’s LSC event was absolutely brilliant.” - Gordon Chalmers, head distiller and co-owner of Tamborine Mountain Distillery

 Image: Tamborine Mountain Distillery in Queensland

The London Competitions also provide a valuable opportunity for feedback and improvements. Participants receive insights from experienced judges, helping them refine their products and packaging. This feedback is invaluable for new and established brands alike, as it guides them in aligning their offerings more closely with market expectations and consumer preferences.

Image: Shelf talkers provided by judges at London Competitions 

In terms of value for money, the competition scores high marks. Many entrants praised its cost-effectiveness and the extensive support provided by the London Competition team. Compared to other international competitions, London Competitions are perceived as more holistic, considering not just the quality of the product but also its marketability and packaging.

“It was worth entering to get our brand out there alongside some other fantastic beers. “ - Jo Fam from Attic Brew

“It is tough to quantify the dollar value that this competition has had on our business. It has been positive through the media both in Australia and Internationally. It has elevated our position within the district and industry.

I would love to receive medals/trophies to place on display to match the level of significance of winning at such a high-level competition that a certificate does not portray.” - Debra Spence, Conrad Distillery 

“Good value for money. This is a well-organised competition that takes in the many factors of making quality wine such as taste, value, and packaging.” - Lara Pethybridge, poplar grove

“Excellent value. We are approached by many different competitions and find that the London Competition is not only very reasonable in the fees they charge but also that they provide an excellent support service. And they are very supportive. We especially note that one year when our courier let us down and lost the packages we sent, London allowed us to submit the spirits the next year at no additional cost.” : Chris Pratt, kilderkin distillery

In conclusion, the 2023 London Competitions have solidified their role as a pivotal event for businesses in the spirits, wine, and beer industries. By offering a platform for recognition, feedback, and networking, the competitions enable brands to elevate their status, refine their offerings, and expand their market reach. As businesses continue to navigate the competitive landscape, the London Competitions emerge as a valuable ally, fostering growth, innovation, and excellence in the industry.

The 2024 London Competitions now aims to be more global and impactful with the launch of the Global Ambassadors program, judges re-union networking party, London Competitions VIP prowein trade show party in Germany, more media partners around the world, and with bigger and important trade judges.


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