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Rum That Endorses Welsh Culture

Devil’s Bridge Rum is inspired by this legendary tale of Welsh spirit, with an unexpected dryness in the finish.

Have you heard of a rum that is infused with the flavor of bread? You read that correctly, this distinct Welsh rum brand imports the best quality rum from the Caribbean and distills it with Bara Brith the traditional bread from Wales, Shirgar, Carmarthenshire butter for smoothness, and Glengettie black tea for an unusually dry finish.      

The Devil’s Bridge Story

According to the legend, in the  Cambrian Mountains near Aberystwyth, Wales, a woman separated from her cow was searching for a way to cross the river. At the same time, the devil was exploring Wales and he offered to build a bridge for the woman. However, he would take the soul of the first one to cross it. Keeping this in mind, the lady agreed and the devil did his part. When the lady was about to walk on that bridge, she started singing and tossed a loaf of Bara Brith bread for her dog to fetch on the bridge. The ecstasy of the devil quickly turned to shrieks of horror as he was left with the soul of a mere dog. It is said that the disappointed devil was never seen again in Wales. 

This Rum is inspired by the Welsh spirit and leaves with an unexpected dryness to sense the surprise element that the devil must have felt. 


The founders

A group of 3 friends Gregor Shaw, Nick Dobie, and Robin Bowen decided to take the advantage of increasing consumer demand for rum and crafted a distinctively Welsh tasting spirit. Founded in 2020, in not even a year the brand started getting attention from global competitions and received accolades. “Despite our brand’s young age, we’re proud to have won two Gold awards in the World Rum Awards, in the Flavored and Botanicals categories. We also won Gold in the London Spirits Competition and Bronze in the International Spirits Challenge 2021,”  said Gregor Shaw in an interview with Cywain.

The judges at the London Spirits Awards judge the spirit on the basis of quality, packaging and value

The judges at the London Spirits Awards judge the spirit on the basis of quality, packaging, and value. Source: London Spirits Awards, Cywain

Review of the Devils Bridge Spiced Rum at the 2021 London Spirits Competition. 

Points Scored: 90 points

Medal won: Gold medal

Tasting notes: Fresh and herbal notes on the nose. This Gin is an absolute delight for the palate. The balance between the brightness of the fennel and the richness of the spices is remarkable.

Dog Shelter Initiative

Devil's Bridge Dog number one is Kayzer - and he has already been reserved with their  help

Devil's Bridge Dog number one is Kayzer - and he has already been reserved with their  help, Source: Instagram

The brand teamed up with a local dog shelter - Cymru to find new homes for the abandoned dogs and take care of them until it happens. It aligns with the story of the loyal dog and proportionately gives them a chance to work for society. “The Devil's Bridge Rum partnership was very appealing and will be a huge help to us, especially as they are a local company,” said Yvonne Hazell, of Animal Rescue Cymru in an interview with Pet Business World.


Cranapple rum riot iced tea


60ml Devil’s Bridge Spiced Rum

1 pot eteaket Cranberry & Apple Riot Tea                                  

60ml Cloudy Apple Juice

Lemon Wedge for Glass

Devils Bridge Rum

Image source: Devils Bridge Rum


Boil a kettle and make a small teapot eteaket

Cranberry & Apple Riot Tea. Let the tea cool to room temperature, then pour the Devil’s Bridge Spiced Rum and apple juice into the shaker, and top up with eteaket cranberry & amp; apple riot tea. Shake well, then strain into glass filled with lemon wedges and ice cubes.

This peculiar brand has the potential to elevate the Rum industry of the United Kingdom and the world is waiting to devour their products in the upcoming future. Backed by a traditional story, the Devil's Bridge Rum is not only soaring in the international markets but also setting benchmarks for inducing creativity to a dogmatic spirit.

Header Image Source: Instagram

Written by Arjun Moghe, Beverage Trade Network

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