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Top UK Whisky Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2018

In this era of E-newspapers and digital magazines, keep your whisky knowledge up-to-date with below whisky blogs of UK.

Each whisky blog on the internet adds to a vibrant whisky populace online. These blogs are intended to demonstrate what people want to see. They don’t want to paddle through the number of pages; they want informed and honest reviews that describe whisky in the parishioner’s language. Keeping these things in mind, LSC has curated an array of top UK whisky blogs and websites that every whisky lover must follow in 2018.

The Whiskyphiles

The Whiskyphiles is a collection of whiskey reviews, tasting notes and news. Barry started The Whiskyphiles in 2013 as an online compilation of his own personal whisky tasting notes. He used to visit the single malt Scotch whisky society venues in Edinburgh with friends. He used to collect the bottles from every distillery he visited and over time The Whiskyphiles expanded into an online guide keeping track of whisky and cask-aged spirits news, tasting notes, reviews, events and festivals. The Whiskyphiles now offer a colossal variety and complexity.

Website -


The GreatDrams provides a platform with content to people who are new to drinks and lare learning about whisky. Greg Dillon created GreatDrams after enjoying single malt and blended whisky for years. With the experience of working with many whisky and premium spirits brands, he knows the drinks industry from both the sides. It is one man’s mission to share everything great about whisky through stories, news, reviews and interviews on this blog.

Website -

Whisky for Everyone

Be you a beginner, ardent or devotee, Whisky for Everyone is for all genres of whisky lovers. From the popular and inexpensive ones to the premium, limited editions and rare bottlings, Whisky for Everyone regularly updates the tasting notes for every variety of whisky. Weekly whisky news is also updated posted by this website. The news includes whiskey releases, events and other items of interest.

Website -

Master of Malt

Master of Malt, one of the biggest centre of whiskey tasting notes and reviews, is an award-winning spirits retailer who updates 11 blogs weekly on the website. To help readers to make informed decisions about the whisky they drink, Master of Malt try and present as many independent reviews, opinions and comments from leading industry-experts and other like-minded users. If you are curious enough to check out new whiskey releases, news and tasting notes, Master of Malt is open for you.

Website -

The Scotch Whisky Experience Blog

From what to do on your visit to Edinburgh, to which distillery to check out, The Scotch Whisky Experience Blog has interesting ideas and tips for everything.

Website -

The Whisky Lounge Blog

The aim of Whisky Lounge is to entertain and educate all the whisky lovers that are involved. The Whisky Lounge specializes in hosting whisky tasting, festivals and schools. All these activities by Whisky Lounge have become extremely popular. You can also shop whisky tasting kit, whisky and event tickets from the website of the Whisky Lounge.

Website -

Whisky Boys

The name of this blog is Whisky Boys, but one of the main writers of this blog is female. This is a passionate blog that brings joy into drinking whisky. The blog features a whisky tasting section broken down into regions, with a unique rating system. A well-curated list of whisky releases (organized by months) is also there. They even have a glossary section for the phrases should you be struggling with some of them.

Website -

Edinburgh Whisky Blog

As the name implies, this is a blog with the team of spirits nerds based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Edinburgh Whisky Blog recommends a nice bottle every now and again. Apart from this, whisky news, whisky reviews, events, and bars are also covered by this whiskey blog.

Website -

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