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Photo for: An Interview With Luca Rapetti, Head Bartender at L'oscar, London


An Interview With Luca Rapetti, Head Bartender at L'oscar, London


In an Interview With LSC, Luca Rapetti Speaks About the Current Bar and Spirits Trends

Luca Rapetti, Head Bartender at L'oscar, London

Luca Rapetti, Head Bartender at L’oscar London, is an experienced collaborator with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. He is skilled in Catering, food & beverage, Micros, Hospitality Management, and Hotel Management. Strong media and communication professional with a Best Student focused in Bar Management from I.B.A. Training Centre Singapore - Elite Bartender Course JWC.

In the recent interview with LSC, Luca shares his thoughts on Current Bar and Spirits Trends and Scenario.

What is everyone ordering right now?

Looking at hotel bar side of the market, the majority of guests prefer to go for classic gin&tonic as anytime drink. However, Italian-style cocktail such as Negroni and Spritz are getting more and more popular.

What cocktail trend would you like to see disappear?

It’s not a proper cocktail trend, but what I saw in the last few years is a constant growing of gin market in a way that now there too many brands around and, I would say, 50% are products without history, good quality or they just came into the market because “everyone makes gin”. A few months ago, I saw a producer advertising his “marmalade-gin”, a gin served in a jar and with a jelly texture. Honestly too much.

What is the most underrated spirit?

I believe that Grappa is still a spirit that people still don’t know anything about. If we look at Pisco, it’s getting more as an ingredient in mixology and, less often, as a spirit to taste by itself, but it has great history and tradition. Grappa represents the culture and tradition of the whole Italy as you can find a different style of Grappa in each region.

What do you do differently from other bartenders?

Most of the bartender focus their skills and knowledge mainly on technique and researching the most unusual ingredients, which is an amazing part of our job. My focus is more about knowing everything about history and development of bartending, spending a lot of time in archives, libraries and visiting places of historical importance

With bartending how do you stay inspired?

London is the place with probably highest concentration of cocktail bar in the world, so I always spend time going around and visiting new bars or trying new cocktail menus to take inspiration from. I like also taking part at some international Bar Show in cities such as Athens, which is my favourite so far.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen working behind the bar?

Honestly there are many things I’ve seen so far working behind bar, like guest stealing bitter bottle from bar counter or a drunk gentleman walking into our bar (a 5*hotel bar) from street entrance and dressed like tennis player during 80s (it was a very cold evening during winter time). As ingredient I’m still a bit shocked by using worms and insects as cocktail garnishes.

Favourite food and beverage pairing on menu?

A nice and full body red wine, perhaps from Argentina or Spain, paired with a medium rare steak and roasted vegetable.