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Photo for: Know Your Bartenders: Francesco Delfino, Bar Manager at Henson’s Bar and Social


Know Your Bartenders: Francesco Delfino, Bar Manager at Henson’s Bar and Social

In the interview below, Francesco talks about how and when he decided to enter the bartending space and shares some tips to increase beverage sales in the bar.

Francesco has over ten years of experience in the hospitality sector and a thorough understanding of hospitality. He is a skilled, confident, and highly resourceful customer-facing professional who encourages sales by luring clients with a positive attitude and a welcoming demeanour. Francesco has previously worked as a bartender, and bar manager for Caffè Sicilia, Calajunco Beach Club, Shankman Bar, and Jerry Thomas Speakeasy Rome and is currently working for Henson’s Bar and Social, London. 

Your current place of work / Last place of work 

Henson's Bar and Social, London

Tell us about yourself.

I run this small cocktail bar inside a boutique hotel in Soho, London. My background is classic cocktails (which I love)

Henson's Bar and Social, London

Image: Henson's Bar and Social; Source: Instagram

Why did you want to become a Bartender?

I worked on the floor for ten years, then decided to try the bar. I started to study all the classic drinks, and luckily I had the chance to study at the Jerry Thomas Project Educational Program. 

What are some of the most important skills for a Bartender?

Communication and Empathy: You need to be able to communicate with the people you work with and those that come to your bar. 

What do you look for when buying new products for your business? 

Need to be something everyone may like and needs to be versatile

If you had to pick one spirit brand, you love, which one would it be?

Koch El San Baltazar Mezcal

Francesco Delfino

Image: Francesco Delfino ; Source: Instagram

What's the best part of your job?

See the happy face of my guests when they try new drinks for the first time.

Please share some tips to increase beverage sales in a Bar.

Using quality ingredients and good products, and wearing a smile always. 

What do you love hearing as a bartender?

I love talking with people from abroad when they sit at the bar counter about their culture, food, and country's bar scene.

How can a customer get your attention in a crowded bar?


Eye Contact

What is your go-to "surprise me" order?

Difficult to say. I love talking to everyone and building a drink for my customers. (especially if they don't like some spirits, like Absinthe, for example, or Tequila)

Please name 3 bars that you admire and why

The Jerry Thomas Project in Rome they have the merit of changing the bar scene in Italy.

The American Bar at the Savoy Hotel, for its history.

Side Hustle at Nomad Hotel, love his Mexican drinks.

Header Image: Francesco Delfino ; Source: Instagram

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