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Photo for: Canadian Distillery Jaan Inc. Awarded Three Medals


Canadian Distillery Jaan Inc. Awarded Three Medals


Three spirits from Jaan Inc. among the medal winners at the 2018 London Spirits Competition

The name of this Canadian distillery is inspired from the words life and love. Jaan Inc. is a distillery that combines the tantalizing flavours from the East and the West to captivate the taste buds of spirits lovers in a way they had never experienced before. With the use of the finest ingredients, the distillery brings people the flavours that have been enjoyed in the East for many years.

At the 2018 London Spirits Competition, this Canadian distillery had three spirits among the award winners.

Jaan INC.

Paan Liqueur- This spirit from Jaan Inc. scored 81 points from the judges and was awarded a silver medal at the competition. The distilleries flagship creation, Paan Liqueur is a combination of enticing aromas of sweet Indian herbs and spices infused with maple, vanilla, and citrus.

Ginger Liqueur- The second spirit from Jaan Inc. to win a silver medal, Ginger Liqueur was scored 78 points by the judges. This spirit offers the drinkers an incredibly smooth and unique blend of ginger, ginseng and exotic spices that are sweetened with a touch of Canadian maple syrup.

Spiced Vodka- The Spiced Vodka was among the spirits awarded a bronze medal at the 2018 London Spirits Competition. A five times distilled spirit, the Spiced Vodka is infused with exotic spices, lemongrass, clementine and ginseng. This vodka is beautifully balanced in order to change the way one thinks about vodka.

Apart from being excellent spirits, Paan Liqueur, Ginger Liqueur and Spiced Vodka are also amazing when used as the base for cocktails.