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Photo for: Devon Cove Produce - Creating Exceptional Vodka


Devon Cove Produce - Creating Exceptional Vodka


See why to order this exceptional vodka handcrafted in an artisan distillery from Devon

At Devon Cove, they create exceptional vodka using King Edward potatoes, lovingly grown on their family farm overlooking Hope Cove in Devon. Their copper pot, single distilled vodka is handcrafted in an artisan distillery, made only from the finest ingredients, to ensure its smooth, luxurious taste. 

They have been growing quality Devon potatoes in the Atlantic sea air for over 50 years and we love them! After many discussions around the dinner table about the different ways you can cook and enjoy potatoes they decided to take things a step further and make potato vodka. 

They found that using the finest Devon potatoes and Devon spring water combined with small-batch traditional copper pot distillation creates a distinctly smooth and delicious vodka that captures the essence of our county.

Cove Vodka recently won a bronze medal at the London Spirits Competition which rates by quality, value, and package. 

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