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Photo for: Driftless Glen Distillery Shines with Triple Success


Driftless Glen Distillery Shines with Triple Success


Hailing from Wisconsin, the Driftless Glen Distillery captured three awards at the London Spirits Competition

Set around the hillsides of the Baraboo valley, the goal of Driftless Glen Distillery is to create spirits which are as unique as the people who taste it. The Driftless Area in Wisconsin was chosen as the place to establish the distillery for one specific reason, it was a terroir that harbored the grain and water necessary to create amazing bourbon and rye. This bountiful area is host to peat, bogs, an amazing aquifie, and uncommon sandy soils.

Driftless Glen Distillery tasted success at the 2018 London Spirits Competition as three of their spirits were among the winners at the competition. These three spirits were:

Driftless Glen Distillery

DG 5 Year Reserve Brandy- This brandy from the Driftless Glen Distillery was awarded a silver medal at the competition. The DG 5 Year Reserve Brandy is characterized with notes of vanilla, caramel, and cherry. The requisite of making this brandy from the perfect grape took the Driftless Glen team to France where the fruit was barreled and aged in French oak. Post this, it was brought home to Baraboo, Wisconsin where the Brandy was given its depth and character. The DG 5 Year Reserve Brandy has a smooth and warm finish.

DG Single Barrel Straight Bourbon- The DG Single Barrel Straight Bourbon is crafted using ingredients from the Driftless Region in Wisconsin. At the London Spirits Competition, it was awarded a bronze medal. It has a rich amber color along with a delicate balance of vanilla, honey and light spice. At the finish, the bourbon has a hint of oak to it. The personalized touch to each bottle of the DG Single Barrel Straight Bourbon is given by the team with handwritten age, barrel number and bottled by information.

DG 51 Rye- The DG 51 Rye was also among the bronze medal winners at the 2018 London Spirits Competition. This rye whiskey is handcrafted in the traditional Maryland style and contains 51% Rye Mash. It has an ABV of 51% and showcases the softer, sweeter side of the rye.

Sand County, the region of Driftless Area where the distillery is housed is distinctive from the world because of the specific combination of temperature, water, soil and weather. All these elements combine to form the spirits produced by the Driftless Glen Distillery, an experience all spirits lovers would cherish.


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