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Photo for: Finest Four for High Spirits Distillery at a London Competition


Finest Four for High Spirits Distillery at a London Competition


High Spirits Distillery won four awards at the acclaimed London Spirits Competition

High Spirits Distillery had an excellent showing at the closed door London Spirits Competition in March 2018, as it won four of the top awards across categories. Hailing from Perth, Australia, High Spirits Distillery is dedicated towards producing spirits of the highest quality using as much of local ingredients as possible. Their passion is unmatched and this showed at the London Spirits Competition when their gin, the High Spirits Gin was a distinguished winner in four categories.

High Spirits DistilleryThe awards that High Spirits Distillery won were:

High Spirits Gin: Awarded gold medal by the judges with a score of 96 points

Best Spirit by Quality: Exceptionally high award given the amount of competition faced by them

Best In Show (By Country): High Spirits Distillery was awarded the Best Spirit from Australia

Gin of the Year: Among the many gins to have been showcased at the London Spirits Competition, the High Spirits Gin was scored the highest by the judges.

High Spirits Distillery is the only distillery in Australia that produces a base spirit from 100% Triticale (the cross of soft wheat and rye). Their aim when they started was to make Perth proud while producing something large distilleries could not match. And, at the London Spirits Competition that is exactly what they did.

The High Spirits Gin is made from the Triticale spirit and has a rich, dry botanical profile with underlying vanilla and peppery finish. The botanical profile is made up of herbs from all over the world and is combined with the in-house spirit that results in the creation of this exotic and naturally flavored gin.


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