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London Drinks Guides Kick Starts London Spirits Competition Cocktail Recipes


London Spirits Competition winners are now able to enter their cocktail recipes when registering their brands for the 2023 competition.

The cocktail recipes will also be featured on the London Drinks Guide, the dedicated consumer website set up by the Beverage Trade Network, organizers of the London Drinks Competitions, to help promote drinks, producers, and suppliers that take part in its events. 

This benefit is at no extra cost to the entrants. Entrants can upload their cocktail pictures, and add their recipes while registering the spirits brand in the entry zone.


The London Spirits Competition endeavors to provide media exposure to winning brands all through the year. This newly added feature is a way to do just that as consumers get access to cocktail recipes that they may create from their favorite spirits. Entrants for the 2023 London Spirits Competition will be able to upload their cocktail recipes and images. Cocktails from winning brands will be showcased on the London Drinks Guide, directly to UK drinks consumers.

Here are some recent cocktail stories published about the winners in London Drinks Guide at no extra cost.

Image: London Drinks Guide

Image: London Drinks Guide

Brands looking to save and get the best pricing are encouraged to enter before August 31 and ship samples later. Here are the details on how to enter:

For Wine: London Wine Competition

For Beer: London Beer Competition

For Spirits: London Spirits Competition

Enter your brands now to save with early bird pricing and ship your samples later. Give a boost to your brand globally.

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