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Photo for: Mahiki White Coconut is the Best German Spirit


Mahiki White Coconut is the Best German Spirit


Tiki-paradise Mahiki steals the show at the 2021 London Spirits Competition.

Sweeping off the title of Best in Show by Country(Germany) the Mahiki White Coconut liqueur intrigued the judging panel with its exotic tropical vibe and vibrant Caribbean flavours. Banking 90 points with a gold medal, the creamy liqueur triumphed over the German spirits entered at the London Spirits Competition

Mahiki White Coconut is a creamy liqueur containing 16% Alcohol By Volume(ABV). The distinct coconut flavour makes it enjoyable “on the rocks” and adds a sweet, playful, and fruity taste to the palate with cocktails.

Achieving their goal of recognizing the best spirits from the world over, London Spirits Competition has grabbed the eye of every spirit drinker in four impactful years. Coming from more than 70 countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, United States, and France, these spirits deliver based on their quality, value for money, and packaging.

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