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Photo for: Recognition for Birmingham, Alabama based Distillery Vodquila LLC


Recognition for Birmingham, Alabama based Distillery Vodquila LLC


Alabama’s own Vodquila LLC recognized at the London Spirits Competition with two medals

It was in 2010 in Birmingham, Alabama that the foundation for Vodquila LLC was laid. Chander Arora always dreamt of distilling his own spirit one day and this dream was given a major boost one afternoon while he and his daughter, Nina were deciding on the topic for the latter’s final term paper. Chander Arora was fond of making cocktails and that led Nina to suggest him of blending two true spirits together with a mixer. This turned out to be a Eureka moment for the family.

The distillery had two spirits that were awarded at the 2018 London Spirits Competition. The two spirits from Vodquila LLC that were a part of the distinguished set of winners were:

Vodquila LLC

Vodquila- A spirit that blends vodka and tequila is bound to attract attention. And that is exactly what happened at the competition as Vodquila was awarded a silver medal with an overall score of 85 points. Vodquila is a blend of ultra premium vodka and super premium tequila. The tequila is made from Blue Agave plants and distilled in Mexico while the vodka is made from multiple grains and distilled six times before the combination is formed.

Rumquila- This second blend from Vodquila LLC was among the bronze medal winners at the London Spirits Competition. Rumquila is a blend of island rum from Puerto Rico and Super Premium Tequila. The rich caramel notes found in this spirit are because of the blending of rum and tequila in small vats. The blend goes through additional filtration after being macerated together at a high temperature before it is ready to be brought to the consumers.

When the distillery was starting out on the journey of blending two spirits, Chander Arora decided to use thermal blending techniques in order to achieve the perfect balance between the two spirits. After the success of the thermal blending technique for Vodquila, they decided to use the same for creating more blends and that resulted in Rumquila becoming the second spirit to come from the Vodquila LLC distillery. What also stands out apart from the blending is the packaging of the two spirits. A creative effort and thought was given to the designing element of the bottles.


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