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Photo for: Saint Teresa 1796 Received A Gold Medal At The London Spirits Competition


Saint Teresa 1796 Received A Gold Medal At The London Spirits Competition


The Super Premium rum from the house Santa Teresa, 1796, received the gold medal in the fourth edition of the London Spirits Competition, after obtaining 91 points in the classification for its quality and packaging design

Through a press release, it was known that the 1796 rum obtained 91 points in the classification. The jury was made up of talents from the most recognized bars in London, who have professional experience in the analysis of spirits and aspects of commercial competitiveness, such as quality and packaging design.

"It is an honour for us that this prestigious competition has evaluated our product and discovered the unexpected behind Santa Teresa 1796 and our origin, elements that together with its sensory profile, make it a global symbol of quality and prestige", indicated the executive president of Ron Santa Teresa, Alberto Vollmer.

The competition was carried out with international methodologies. According to the press release, the first evaluation stage consisted of a blind tasting to determine the quality of each drink by variety, style, region and country. The judges then received a document with the product specifications and finally evaluated the design and label details. 

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