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Photo for: Spirits from Long Table Distillery Take Home Four Awards


Spirits from Long Table Distillery Take Home Four Awards


Four spirits from Vancouver's Long Table Distillery among the award winners at the 2018 London Spirits Competition

The Long Table Distillery is Vancouver’s first micro-distillery and was co-founded back in 2010 by head distiller Charles Tremewen and partner Rita. In each batch of their spirits, the distillery aims to bring together 100 percent Canadian grain based alcohol and a range of organic and natural ingredients along with locally foraged botanicals. Each of these handcrafted batch of spirits tells a story about the process that has brought about these skilfully crafted story.

One such story was made at the 2018 London Spirits Competition where four spirits from the Long Table Distillery were among the medal winners. These four spirits were:

Long Table Distillery

London Dry Gin- A versatile gin that goes well as the foundation member of different cocktails, the London Dry Gin was awarded a silver medal at the competition. This take on the London Dry brings together a combination of eight botanicals. The tasting notes include piney juniper, celery, light zesty citrus and faint cashew nuttiness and black pepper spice. The London Dry Gin is fragrant, flavourful and fresh.

Langbord Akvavit- Handcrafted and made in a traditional Scandinavian style, the Langbord Akvavit was a bronze medal winner at the competition. The six hand-picked botanicals that give the Langbord Akvavit its characteristic notes include caraway, fennel, anise and a Seville orange. At the nose one can find licorice and orange notes while the palate includes notes of lingering marmalade and herbal notes. It has a smooth and sweet finish.

Barrel Aged Gin- The second of the bronze medal winners from the Long Table Distillery, the Barrel Aged Gin has a flavour profile of grapefruit, orange peel, spicy juniper and hints of baking spices on the nose. On the palate this spirit has notes of silky smooth caramel and vanilla and it leaves a lingering, rich and robust finish. The Barrel Aged Gin is aged in 30-litre bourbon barrels and later bottled once it has been suitably aged.

Cucumber Gin- The Cucumber Gin was also awarded a bronze medal at the 2018 London Spirits Competition. This gin offers a complex balance of nine botanicals including two black peppers. Made from fresh BC cucumbers, the Cucumber Gin has fresh cucumber notes along with delicate hints of toasted pine nuts, and citrus zest. It has a light floral and peppery spice finish.

The Long Table Distillery celebrates the fine art of distilling small-batch gins and handcrafting premium spirits. Each batch is meticulously crafted using fresh, organic and natural ingredients that are handpicked from select sources around the world. The custom-built 300 litre copper-pot still is a vital part of the entire process and is one of the major reasons behind the consistency of the spirits produced by the Long Table Distillery.


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