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Photo for: Tasmanian Pride Lawrenny Estate Distillery Awarded


Tasmanian Pride Lawrenny Estate Distillery Awarded


Australian distillery Lawrenny Estate awarded with two medals at the 2018 London Spirits Competition

Uniquely Tasmanian, the history of Lawrenny Estate is as deep and rich as the fertile lands the distillery calls home. This distillery’s journey commenced in 1818 when colonial cattle tycoon, Lt. Edward Lord established the distillery. Today, the estate is renowned for producing quality Tasmanian produce and spirits.

At the 2018 London Spirits Competition, Lawrenny Estate had two spirits among the winners.

Lawrenny Estate

Van Diemen’s Gin- A gin that imbibes the purity of Tasmania, Van Diemen’s Gin was awarded a silver medal after scoring an overall score of 83 points from the judges. This gin is born from the base of finest base spirit and is infused with a blend of traditional and progressive botanicals and is enriched with the pure waters from River Derwent. Van Diemen’s Gin has a wonderfully balanced union of bold juniper, fresh citrus and refined herbal notes.

Saint Clair Vodka- An unadulterated and pure product of the Lawrenny Estate, Saint Clair Vodka was awarded a bronze medal at the 2018 London Spirits Competition. This spirit is infused with small batch distilled botanicals found on the estate and is a pure and wild spirit. Pure and pristine like the crystal waters of Lake Saint Clair and wild like the Antarctic winds that sweep these pristine waters.

Lawrenny Estate underwent a change in 1991 when the Mace family took over the estate. Since taking over, they have returned the Estate to its former glory and turned it into a property full of luscious gardens, and fertile pastures that are the source for creating the finest spirits. Today, Lawrenny Estate is all about delivering the finest spirits, true to the Tasmanian heritage and culture to the world.


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