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Photo for: Triple Treat for Alpine Distilling at a Spirits Competition


Triple Treat for Alpine Distilling at a Spirits Competition


Alpine Distilling bags a hat-trick of silver medals at the acclaimed London Spirits Competition

Hailing from Park City, Utah with distilling roots from Kentucky, Alpine Distilling was founded by Rob Sergent. Alpine Distilling was founded by Rob Sergent for one very specific reason, to take his ancestors affinity for moonshining to the next level. Through the spirits, Rob Sergent tries to pay homage to all the European spirits he enjoyed during his time in Great Britain and Germany.

At the 2018 London Spirits Competition, spirits from Alpine Distilling won three silver medals. The three spirits that won these medals for Alpine Distilling were

Alpine Distilling

Preserve Liqueur- Inspired by a swaner nature preserve sunset, Preserve Liqueur scored 87 points at the London Spirits Competition. Preserve Liqueur is a 100% corn spirit with blood orange, black tea, raspberry, lemon balm and ginger spirit. This spirit respects tradition while also providing complex and delicious drink opportunities.

Alpine Gin- The inspiration behind Alpine Gin for Rob Sergent was his time spent as a teenager in a small village 20 minutes away from London. The gin is distilled in the hand-made Detroit still which helps it gain a balanced and harmonious aroma and taste. The heart of the gin flavour is the juniper berry which makes it woody and spicy. Along with the juniper berry, the gin also contains coriander seed, angelica root, ginger, cardamom and orange and lemon peel. All these ingredients bring something unique to the flavour of the gin and make it popular among various types of gin drinkers.

Lafayette Whiskey- A finished Kentucky bourbon along with an apricot, primrose and cinnamon are used to create this delicious whiskey. Produced and bottled at Park City, Utah, the Lafayette Whiskey contains natural flavourings and is a spiced bourbon containing enough hints of sweetness. The inspiration for producing the Lafayette Whiskey was Rob Sergent’s great-grandmother. At the 2018 London Spirits Competition, Lafayette Whiskey had a score of 78 points.

The major influence behind Alpine Distilling spirits has been the time spent with people and the experience gained from that. This has helped the distillery craft spirits that are delicious and approachable. The culinary experience gained by Rob Sergent has helped Alpine Distilling in creating complex and unrivaled flavours for their products.