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A True Juniper Empire Of Estonia

An obsession for Juniper would be an ideal tag for Tarvo Jaansoo who founded a crème de la crème gin brand Junimperium, an artisanal distillery in Estonia. Let's find out more.

The Junimperium distillery currently has 2 copper stills and to make the award-winning Blended Dry Gin, each botanical is distilled separately. There are a total of 7 botanicals infused individually which takes a big chunk of the time for distilling but is worth it as it gives better control over the flavor and the blend results in the rich, citrusy and peppery flavor of the gin. In this process, 4 types of juniper from various countries are used and this flavor bouquet is the foundation of the flavors that Tarvo tries to achieve. Similarly for the Junimperium Sloe Gin, he uses the sweetest jumbo juniper berries on the planet that give its characteristic fruity flavor. 

The name of the brand Junimperium is coherent to the importance of juniper in gin. Tarvo uses the best quality of junipers from across the world and pays attention to each individual berry for its quality. The bottling and labeling are done by hand and Tarvo writes the bottle number on the label which gives a personal touch to the bottle. Moreover, each bottle has a Juniper wood bottle stopper which adds value to the brand name.

Tarvo writes the batch number and bottle number on every single bottle personally

Tarvo writes the batch number and bottle number on every single bottle personally, Source: Instagram

At the 2021 London Spirits Awards, Junimperium left its mark on all the judges. Not only did they win the gold medal for the Blended Dry Gin but even grabbed 3 silver medals for other gins in their portfolio.

The Blended Dry Gin has gained immense praise in the international gin  market

The Blended Dry Gin has gained immense praise in the international gin market, Source: London Spirits Competition, Junimperium

Review of the Junimperium Blended Dry Gin at the 2021 London Spirits Competition. 

Points Scored: 90 points

Medal won: Gold medal

Tasting notes: Spicy juniper and fragrant rosemary on the nose. Parsley, Basil, and lime on the palate with a spicy finish of black pepper.


In 2006, Tarvo Jaansoo a fashion designer with 22 years of experience switched his industry and opted to work in the hospitality industry and developed the international Italian food chain Vapino in Finland and Baltic States. During this period he started getting curious about the new and handcrafted gin bottles increasing rapidly in the market. Thus peaked by his interest, he began learning and educating himself about the flavors and characters of the spirits and eventually built his own collection of Gin. He always looked for a perfect gin that suited his palate but he never found one and consequently made his wife angry. She taunted him to create his own gin and this excuse was enough for Tarvo to begin his distilling journey.

Tarvo Jaansoo

Source: Instagram

He founded the Junimperium distillery in 2019 in the heart of the capital city Tallinn, Estonia. It is the most popular area surrounded by restaurants and bars that attract tourists and locals. In the same year, the company released its flagship gin called the Junimperium Blended Dry Gin. The spirit received unprecedented recognition from critics all around the globe. It grabbed numerous accolades in world-renowned competitions like World Gin Awards, The Drinks Business Asia, International Spirits Challenge, The Spirits Business, Berlin International Spirits Competition, and The London Spirits Awards was no exception.

This distillery offers various interactive and informative distillery tours and also houses a beautiful bar that serves the best cocktails in the town. We have listed some of their most recommended cocktails below:

Too Good To Be Sour


- 40 ml junimperium blended dry gin

- 20 ml lime juice

- 20 ml triple sec

- 20 ml cherry-thyme syrup

- egg white

- dash of angostura bitters

- dehydrated cherry

- twig of fresh thyme


- add the gin, triple sec, lime juice, syrup, and egg white into the shaker.

- shake until egg white becomes frothy.

- add ice to the shaker and shake until the mix cools down.

- pour the mix into a coupe glass.

- garnish with a dehydrated cherry and a twig of fresh thyme.


Image source: Junimperium

Last Word


- 25 ml junimperium blended dry gin

- 25 ml luxardo maraschino

- 25 ml lime juice


- combine all ingredients in a half-ice-filled cocktail shaker.

- shake well.

- strain into a chilled fizz-glass


Image source: Junimperium

Article written by Arjun Moghe, Beverage Trade Network

Header Image Source: Instagram

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