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Brewery & Distillery Wilderen- Following Tradition Since 1642


The distillery is virtually fully conserved and forms a unique piece of European industrial heritage

The tradition lives on in the historic Brewery & Distillery Wilderen and you will be intrigued by the glorious history. They closed their doors in 1939 but reopened them in 2011 to welcome all their visitors.

The distillery dating from 1890 fell within the excise zone that covered the so-called ‘agricultural distilleries’. Alcohol of 95 per cent was distilled. This was sold to gin distilleries throughout Belgium.

In 1913, the distillery was extended with a huge rectification column so that a fine mash could be distilled. In particular, the steam kettle catches the attention of visitors. This 40 hp steam engine is the sole example in Limburg of a steam engine with horizontal pistons. The steam generated was used for, among other things, heating the brewage. The steam engine was also used for generating electricity. It was even the intention to supply electricity to the village. Also, the entire farm was provided with electricity but because the steam engine was not operating in the evening when people needed current, the electricity had to be stored in batteries.

The raw material of the distillery was malted grain, mainly barley. The production unit consisted of a distillery, brewery & and malting.

Wilderen Dutch (Grain) Gin 32

The mildness of Wilderen Dutch (grain) gin seduces many a gin lover. The familiar juniper berry and a secret assortment of herbs can be pleasantly discerned in the aroma and taste.

Pure nature, clear and with a slightly lower alcohol percentage males this Dutch (grain) gin an accessible but at the same time memorable distillate.

Wilderen Eau-de-Bière 32°

This Wilderen Eau-de-Bièère is carefully distilled from their Kanunnik Triple 8.2% beer. An Eau-de-Vie of superior quality, an exceptional scent and very mild aftertaste.  The malt mash from this distillate is made in their own state-of-the-art brewery and then distilled in their own distillery in a copper kettle and distillation column. A fine symbiosis between brewing and distilling.

Wilderen Double You Gin

Wilderen Double You Gin, distilled, bottled, labelled and sealed in Wilderen Brewery & Alcohol Distillery.

This Gin is made from 21 botanicals and local herbs which are added in secret proportions. Ingredients include juniper berry, hops, rose, blossom, coriander and lots more besides.

The result is a herbal bouquet with a distinctive taste perception, as complex as an Angel and a Devil on your shoulder. The Angel represents deliberation and is always accompanied by a Devil who incarnates temptation.

Wild Weasel Finest Blend 40%

The “Finest Blend” of Wild Weasel Whisky is a special Belgian Blended. Matured in hand-selected oak casks. Then skilfully blended with the finest whisky from Distillery Radermacher to create a uniquely rich and robust character.

Wild Weasel Single Malt 46%

Their “Single Malt & Single Cask “ Wild Weasel Whisky, is a Whisky of exceptional depth and smoothness balancing rich, fruity aromas and delicate oak flavours with a long robust finish.

Wild Weasel Cask Strength 62.4 %

Their “Cask Strength”  Wild Weasel Whisky, is drawn straight from a cask that is non-chill filtered or been reduced in strength.

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