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Photo for: Cleveland Whiskey- Whiskey Innovators from Ohio

Producer Profiles

Cleveland Whiskey- Whiskey Innovators from Ohio


The distillery uses truly transformative woods and innovative technology to create a line of revolutionary new flavours that push the boundaries of traditional whiskey

Named “Whiskey Distillery Innovator of the Year,” Cleveland Whiskey has won more than 60 medals at competitions around the world including twenty-two gold and double gold awards.  Their process allows them to create unique finishes with woods that include black cherry and apple, limited runs of coffee infusions plus local craft beer and maple syrup barrel aged bourbons.

The distillery was honoured to have President Obama, Senator Sherrod Brown, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur and Congresswoman Marcia Fudge tour their distillery in March 2015.

Cleveland Underground Select

For generations, oak has been used to age spirits simply because it has the right pore structure to hold liquid. It’s hard, if not impossible, to make a barrel out of black cherry, hickory, or honey locust that doesn’t leak like a sieve. And yet there are so many untapped flavour profiles that can come from these woods. Their technology captures those flavours, letting creativity and innovation shine.

The current Cleveland Underground line includes bourbon whiskey finished with: Sugar Maple Wood, Apple Wood, Black Cherry Wood, Honey Locust Wood, and Hickory Wood. This is not your typical bourbon.

Bourbon Whiskey Finished with Apple Wood

Light and airy body. A tender sweetness with notes of baking spice backstopped by an almost tart finish. This is the applewood expression, that uses the accelerated aged bourbon and gives an extra infusion of apple wood.

Bourbon Whiskey Finished with Black Cherry Wood

Rich texture and well rounded. The light flavour from the cherry wood with a slightly tart, slightly sweet spice note.

On the palate, the tartness of this whiskey, a bit like berries picked a little early, but still pleasant. Very little of the spice noticed in the nose comes to the front, which makes plenty of room for notes of dried apricots and other fruit, along with orange zest.

Bourbon Whiskey Finished with Sugar Maple Wood

Rich and robust colour. Medium to the full-bodied mouthfeel. Subtle sweet maple, vanilla and caramel undertones. Note that this whiskey does not contain sugar! It is aged in barrels made from Sugar Maple wood – the same trees that yield maple syrup – which gives it a lush vanilla/caramel aroma and nutty, buttery, rich flavour. 

Bourbon Whiskey Finished with Hickory Wood

The hickory wood imparts noticeable, but not overbearing smoky undertones. Toffee, spice, and vanilla round out the palate. Light, with almost tender sweetness and notes of baking spices and raisin.

Bourbon Whiskey Finished with Honey Locust Wood

Unique, silky mouthfeel. The honey locust wood imparts a very light, almost floral taste profile. Soft and Elegant.