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Photo for: Conker Spirits- Dorset’s First Gin Distillery

Producer Profiles

Conker Spirits- Dorset’s First Gin Distillery

Conker Spirits are free from the constraints of tradition, their spirits aren’t moulded by antiquated expectations

The distillery started from scratch, meticulously tweaking the Dorset Dry, fine-tuning the recipe sip by sip to compose a fresh approach to gin with a ruthless focus on quality. With oodles of blind optimism and an open mind comes a fresh approach. There’s no ancient family recipe or mythical Master Distiller that they follow, just a dogged pursuit of the new and exciting.

Conker Spirits

Conker Spirits believe in no gimmicks and no fuss. It is all about top-notch small batch gin distilled in Dorset from British wheat spirit and New Forest Spring Water.

Dorset’s Dry Gin

Conker Spirits have created a unique and intricate gin of 10 select botanicals, distilled and bottled by them at Dorset’s first gin distillery, nestled in the back streets of Bournemouth.

Whilst still a proper classic gin, led by a dry Macedonian juniper heart, the subtle incorporation of the Dorset notes of elderberries, samphire and handpicked New Forest gorse flowers brings bright and refreshing lighter notes to Conker.

Dorset Dry Gin

Brazenly refreshing and deftly smooth, the Dorset Dry is crafted to stand up on its own, poured and adored over ice. Mix at your pleasure, but this gin can hold its own.

Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur- Winner of Gold Medal at London Spirits Competition 2018

They make Conker Cold Brew using the finest Dorset-roasted speciality coffees, blended with their distilled British wheat spirit and a touch of demerara sugar.

Conker Cold Brew doesn’t just taste like coffee, it is coffee. No flavourings, colourings, extracts or thickeners in sight.

Conker Spirits came to realise that they couldn’t find a single so-called ‘coffee liqueur’ that even closely resembled the true dark and rich complexities of the espresso. So they set out to make one - a Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur - that let the coffee bean do the talking, without the need for the usual additives and flavourings.

It turns out that to capture the true taste of freshly roasted coffee in a liqueur, you’ve got to master a complex balancing act of roasting, blending and brewing that takes no prisoners. One wrong move, one shortcut, and the taste are compromised. So, they took their sweet time and after a year of tweaking and sipping their way through 96 recipes, Conker discovered some subtle tricks and a blend that surpassed all our expectations.

Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

A complex, dark and fruity brew that celebrates the espresso and owns the glass.

Working with Dorset’s very own Beanpress Coffee Co., they selected the very best speciality Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee beans that blow your usual ground coffee out the water. The Brazilian is roasted darker and longer to accentuate the cacao and caramel notes, bringing a robust coffee flavour that provides the backbone to the spirit. The Ethiopian coffee is roasted faster and lighter to accentuate the sweetness and natural citrus character, so adding a zesty highlight to the blend.

By brewing their liqueur cold, they don’t extract any of the acidic, bitter elements of the bean typical of a hot brew, thereby honouring the subtle fruity chocolate notes of each bean variety, creating a heady and hearty concoction that’s as wonderfully dark as it is delicious. Because the brew is so smooth with natural vanillas and caramels, just a touch of demerara sugar is needed to complete the alchemy - no flavourings, no additives, no nasty thickeners - just four simple ingredients and one ridiculously precise.