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High Spirits Distillery- Producing Australia's Finest Spirits


High Spirits’ philosophy is simple- to do what they love and produce a unique spirit of the highest quality

The History

High Spirits Distillery is an independent family owned and operated Artisan Distillery producing spirits in small batches out of Perth, Western Australia. It is the culmination of many years work by brothers Michael and Jade and the realization of a long-held dream. They produce everything they sell in-house, from scratch. High Spirits Distillery aims for Grain to Glass - the true artisan way.

High Spirits believe in doing what they love and produce a unique spirit of the highest quality using local ingredients as much as possible. Something they can be proud of, but something all of Perth could be proud of too. They are the only distillery in Australia producing a base spirit from 100% Triticale, the cross of soft wheat and rye produces a flavorful spirit like no other.

The Craft of Distilling

High Spirits started by sourcing their grain from the South West farming region of Australia. Using 100% Bio-Dynamic Triticale they mill, mash, ferment and distil all on site. They employ a mixture of traditional distilling techniques and modern designed equipment. Their Distiller does all the cuts by using the senses ensuring only the finest quality achieved. They do everything in-house and they make all the decisions from grain to glass. 

Bio-Dynamic Triticale for High Spirits Distillery

The Process:

High Spirits treat their house-made Triticale spirit as an ingredient on its own rather than a blank slate to build upon. This adds a rich mouthfeel and a slight Sichuan pepper finish to a balanced dry botanical profile. Certainly, there are cheaper, easier and less time-consuming ways to make a spirit than the way they do, but they couldn't stand next to our products with complete integrity if they cut corners.

All our products are made in-house from the ground up, they have a close relationship with their farmer who grows Bio-Dynamic Triticale for High Spirits Distillery. Everything they produce is made in-house with the best ingredients possible.

It would be interesting to see their amazing journey so far and how their spirits have emerged from Australian soil.


High Spirits ProductsHigh Spirits Vodka- Their Vodka is carefully crafted using 100% West Australian grown Triticale grain. It has been milled, mashed, fermented and distilled all on site in the true artisan way.

High Spirits Dry Gin- House made Triticale base spirit and a blend of vapour infused local and exotic botanicals to create the expression of a Grain to Glass Dry Gin. This Gin has also won four medals including one Gold Medal in London Spirits Competition 2018.

Roasted Hempseed Gin- House made triticale base spirit paired with a heap of juniper, roasted hemp and wattle seed, Tasmanian pepperberries backed by warming cardamom and cassia.


The High Spirits Distillery is also planning for Micro Batch Series which is distillation without boundaries. Their distiller will be playing with classic flavour combinations and also create new and intriguing ones. Most of the Micro Batch Series will be developed in collaboration with local farmers, growers, coffee roasters etc.

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