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The Gower Gin Company


Gower Gin, simply named - GŴYR is a new Welsh Gin with a sophisticated blend of citrus and foraged herbs

The Gower Gin Company is based in Port Eynon on Gower. They have an absolute passion for gin and have spent the last 12 months developing a special recipe that they believe is characteristic of where they live. The distillery hopes you will enjoy as much as they do.

Their aim is to make small-batch craft gin which encapsulates the freshness of the sea and the aromas of the coast and dunes that surround us. They want to be a strong ambassador for Gower and Wales which is why they have chosen an exclusively Welsh name for their Gin - GŴYR.

The journey to develop GŴYR has been a wonderful voyage of discovery and they want to share it with you. They distil in South Wales but not yet on Gower; their medium-term plan is to distil on Gower from where the fennel and their inspiration, originate.

Gower Gin:

GŴYR is made with a blend of eight botanicals including juniper, fresh zest of lemon, fresh zest of pink grapefruit, green fennel and bronze fennel.

The botanicals are macerated for almost two days and the infused spirit is then slowly distilled to create the GŴYR blend. The ABV of 43% creates a smooth finish to this juniper forward, citrusy gin with aromatic fennel undertones.

Their different striped plan combines the deep blue colour of the sea with a bright copper that is moulded to stand out on the label. Of course, Swansea was famous for its copper industry in the 18th and 19th centuries. Gower Gin is so smooth and full of flavour that you can drink it neat with or without ice, adding an orange or pink grapefruit twist if you like.  It also works well with a few drops of orange bitters.

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