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10 Gold Winners At The 2020 London Spirits Competition


The 2020 London Spirits Competition announced its winners in July. Here are the 10 spirits brands who won gold medals.

The 2020 London Spirits Competition which took place on 7th July in London, assessed thousands of wonderful spirits brands from around the world. From top-class bourbons to amazing gin and vodka brands, the competition was really tough. Below-given spirits brands are among the top 10 brands who received gold medals and other special awards. These spirits brands are not only high in quality but also provide the best value for the money and wonderful packaging. If you are a spirits buyer, bar/restaurant owner, bartender, or spirits lover, these brands are ready to amaze your palates as well as rock the global market.


The following are 10 gold medal winners at the 2020 London Spirits Competition.

  1. St. Kilian Signature Edition: Four

First on our list of “10 gold winners at the 2020 London Spirits Competition”, St. Kilian Distillers Signature Edition Four from Germany Bags ‘Spirit Of The Year’ along with a Gold medal, ‘Whiskey of the year,’ ‘Best In Show By Country,’ ‘Best Spirit By Value,’ and ‘Best Spirit By Package.’ St. Kilian Distillers Signature Edition Four is a single malt whiskey, bottled with 48% ABV, and made with 100% pure barley malt. It is surprisingly intense, spicy and smoky. With a phenol content of 54 ppm in the malt, the “Four” is not only the smokiest one to date but also the most aromatic and strongest bottling of St. Kilian thanks to its full maturation in sherry casks.


  1. Substation 41 

Second on our list of “10 gold winners at the 2020 London Spirits Competition”, Pinnacle Drinks’ Substation 41 from Australia shone as “Rum Of The Year” as well as “Best In Show By Country” and also won a Gold medal at the London Spirits Competition. Substation No. 41 comes with 37% ABV and is amber in colour. This dark rum is clear in clarity with a nose that starts on rich vanilla and toffee-like note, followed by an aroma of fruit cake & plum pudding. You’ll notice a tight oak note and even a hint of white pepper. On the mouth, Substation No. 41 opens up to butterscotch and light oakiness revealing hints of liquorice, fennel, cinnamon, apricots and honeysuckle. It finishes on a good length with a warm pepperiness.

  1. Fary Lochan Danish Single Malt

The Fary Lochan Danish Single Malt whisky, third on our list of “10 gold winners at the 2020 London Spirits Competition”, is five-and-a-half years old and fully sherry-matured. Its bouquet is thick and heavy with pumpernickel, plum jelly, currants, brittle, burnt raisins and latte macchiato. The oily, weighty spirit tastes of dark chocolate, morello cherries, strawberries, hazelnuts and heavily roasted rye.


  1. Cutwater Tequila Reposado

The Cutwater Tequila Reposado is an elegant drink from Cutwater Spirits which begins with 100% blue agave harvested from Jalisco. It is slow-cooked in traditional brick ovens, open-fermented, and double-distilled in traditional “alambique” stills made of stainless and copper in Tequila. It is then aged in Cutwater whiskey barrels which allow the rich cooked agave flavour to meld nicely with hints of vanilla and oak to create distinct flavours.

  1. Khukri XXX Rum

The award-winning Khukri XXX Rum is known as the classic rum of the Himalayas. It’s a reflection of the history of the humble tradition. It carries the character of a bold beginning. It is smooth, full-bodied, with an elegant finish and a hint of oak. It has an unchanging character that never gets old.


  1. Barrel-Aged Gin

The Barrel-Aged Gin by Barossa Distilling based in Australia is named Gin of the year at the 2020 London Spirits Competition. This release from Barossa Distilling is very limited and single barrel handcrafted. It is aged in a rare old Barossa fortified barrel which is carefully resized and re-fired to achieve the specific level of char required to impart maximum flavour to the gin. It delivers rich caramel, toffee and hints of fruitcake with the long and reassuring flavours of Barossa Gin to the finish. 

  1. Mandalay Export Rum

The Mandalay Export Rum is one of the successful brands of Victory Myanmar Group. Aged in Yamane casks for 3 years, Mandalay Export Rum offers superior quality and taste. It lets out woody aroma with vanilla notes. On the palate, it displays exquisite woody smoothness and soft vanilla hints which lead to a gentle woody finish.

  1. Napoleon Fine Champagne

Napoleon Fine Champagne is a timeless blend created in the 20th century to celebrate the relationship between the Courvoisier and Napoleon families. This full-bodied bottle has a delicate and subtle cigar box nose. It’s a subtle harmony of sandalwood, dried apricots, and mushrooms. This fine champagne has a great depth and length on the palate and long-lingering finish.

  1. Bali Hai Tiki Gold Rum

Bali Hai Tiki Gold Rum won “Best in Show by Country” award along with a gold medal at the 2020 London Spirits Competition. It is distilled in San Diego. Born from pure cane sugar and cool-fermented, this rum is exceptionally smooth on the palate. It’s a perfect addition to the classic tropical cocktails.

  1. Glenrothes 12 Y/O

Glenrothes 12 Y/O is distilled at Glenrothes in 2006. The “Best in Show by Country” and Gold Medal winner single malt Scotch whiskey is matured exclusively in 1st Fill Sherry Butt 6147 for 12 years. On the nose, it has sweet stewed orchard fruit notes followed by rich manuka honey and caramel with soft touches of spice. On the palate, it has lots of gingerbread and sweet spices, with cinnamon at the forefront. Colourful peppercorns mixed with mincemeat and pastry develop a mince pie dusted with caster sugar. The finish is very long, spicy, and dry.

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