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Best Vodka Brands that You Should Definitely Try Before 2018 Ends


Know about some of the vodka brands that are best in terms of drinkability, quality, value and packaging and try them before 2018 Ends.

Irrefutably, Vodka’s popularity has grown a lot in the world. Be it a bar or restaurant, retail store or a shopping mall, a classic vodka cocktail’s presence has occupied every place. This pervasiveness of vodka is contributed by its nature – it does not have an ample flavour profile, hence, mixes well with many drinks. Due to the miniature difference between the tastes of two brands of vodka, the buyer does not have to be confused if the one brand they want is not available at the place.

Find below a list of such marvellous Vodka Brands that you should definitely try before 2018 ends.

Hop Vodka | Drinklab Inc

Hop Vodka

The unique spirits of Drinklab Inc are distilled in small batches which sustain constant quality control checks at every stage of production. Made precisely, this Hop Vodka is an award-winning bottle that brings together the lovers of vodka and gin by pairing the genuine taste of excellent vodka with delicious botanicals like gin. The Drinklab Hop Vodka is born from the highest quality Peaches and Cream corn. These Peaches are sourced locally and the Cream corn sourced is grown in Chatham, Ontario. By using a traditional hand-crafted method, this Hop Vodka is distilled five times and blended with pure water in small batches. It is smooth, creamy and a little sweet, with unique hoppy fragrances and flavours that display the notes of citrus zest and pine.

Country: Canada

Awards in 2018 LSC – The Best In Show By Country, Gold Medal

Gustav Dill Vodka | Lignell & Piispanen

Gustav Dill Vodka

Gustav Dill Vodka, created in Kuopio, has the mystery that lies in its aroma distillation. This vodka speaks for the 160-year-old history of the art and traditions at Lignell and Piispanen. Enjoy this vodka with a highball glass and ice cubes by adding tonic water in it and garnishing it with rose peppers and fresh basil leaves.

Country: Finland

Awards in 2018 LSC – Silver Medal

Vodquila | Vodquila LLC


Vodquila LLC boasts of having vodka that is so unique and marvellous that, when it is in front of you, you don’t have to choose or compromise. Vodquila is a perfect blend of smooth vodka and the right amount of tequila which incites both of your refined and wild sides.

Country: United States

Awards in 2018 LSC - Silver Medal

Zubrowka Bison Grass | Roust

Zubrowka Bison Grass

Zubrowka Bison Grass was introduced in the 15th century. It is the world-famous Polish Vodka brand with over 500 years of tradition and experiences. The phenomenal and natural character of this brand of Roust is highlighted by a bison grass blade put in every bottle. This blade is hand-picked and dried under natural conditions. This exceptionality makes Zubrowka popular in more than 80 global markets.

Country: Poland

Awards in 2018 LSC - Silver Medal

Gustav Blueberry Vodka | Lignell & Piispanen

Gustav Blueberry Vodka

Gustav Blueberry Vodka is made by refining the artisan skills that the predecessors of Lignell and Piispanen – Gustav Ranin, set about making vodka with the exactitude of an artisan. The strong aromatic range of this is imposing both as schnapps and an after-dinner drink. Hints of genuine Arctic blueberry enrich the taste of this vodka.

Country: Finland

Awards in 2018 LSC - Silver Medal

Oxford Rye Vodka | The Oxford Artisan Distillery

Oxford Rye Vodka

Oxford Rye Vodka is the first release of The Oxford Artisan Distillery. It was distilled in two handmade, purpose-built stills, Nautilus and Nemo. This rich and full vodka is clear and bright. Notes of black pepper and rye bread followed by a sensation of vanilla essence make the test better and better as you sip more of this vodka.

Country: United Kingdom

Awards in 2018 LSC – Bronze Medal

Spiced Vodka | Jaan Inc


Spiced Vodka is distilled five times and inculcated with exotic spices, clementine, lemongrass, and ginseng. This beautifully balanced vodka is flexible to mingle with many drinks and is able to change the way you think of vodka.

Country: Canada

Awards in 2018 LSC - Bronze Medal

Saint Clair Vodka | Lawrenny Estate

Saint Clair Vodka

Saint Clair Vodka is the unsullied product of Lawrenny Estate. Small batch distilled botanicals from this estate are infused in this vodka.

Country: Australia

Awards in 2018 LSC - Bronze Medal

Organic Vodka | BioSpirits BV

Organic Vodka

This Organic Vodka using a traditional Russian recipe of organic wheat, yeast and water. Five times distillation in small batches is the reason behind this vodka’s full and soft flavour.

Country: Netherlands Antilles

Awards in 2018 LSC - Bronze Medal

Nemiroff Honey Pepper | LVN Limited

Nemiroff Honey Pepper  LVN Limited

Nemiroff is an award-winning brand of high-quality alcohol and one of the very few leaders of the global alcohol industry. The exceptional formula, pure water and natural ingredients mix well to make exceptional alcohol. Honey Pepper is an award-winning vodka brand of this company, available in 1L, 0.7L, 0.5L and 0.37L bottles with 40% alcohol content. Its nose is full of honey, caramel and heart-balsamic aromas with fruity and spicy peppery notes. It has a herbal taste warmed by a burning-sweet wave which leaves a little bitter aftertaste on the palate.

Country:  Ukraine

Awards in 2018 LSC – LSC Gold 2018, Vodka of the Year

Puranique Vodka | Global Spirits LLC

Puranique Vodka  Global Spirits LLC

Puranique Vodka is made from Fine French wheat. It is distilled nine times before filtering which creates a bold and subtle smooth finish. The exceptional taste of Puranique Vodka is derived from the fairly consistent weather and rich soil with minerals.

Country: France

Awards in 2018 LSC – Best in Show by Country Category, LSC Silver 2018

Sash & Fritz – Der Deutsche Wodka | Sash & Fritz GmbH

Sash & Fritz – Der Deutsche Wodka  Sash & Fritz GmbH

Deutsche Wodka is a German Vodka mixed with Russian traditions and German precision and perfection. Only thoughtfully selected ingredients such as German wheat and clear spring water from the Ore Mountains are used in this top quality vodka. No unnecessary processes are carried out in the production process. It is distilled and filtered five times to guarantee the pure and unique flavour of Sash & Fritz.

Country: Germany

Awards in 2018 LSC – LSC Silver 2018

Gustav Arctic Vodka | Lignell & Piispanen

Gustav Arctic Vodka  Lignell & Piispanen

Gustav Arctic is premium vodka from Lignell & Piispanen. Only high-quality wheat from regions is used for the production. This wheat is carefully fermented and then distilled several times. It is delicate vodka with mellow aromas and mild and dry in taste.

Country: Finland

Awards in 2018 LSC – LSC Bronze 2018

Zubrowka Biala | Roust

Zubrowka Biala  Roust

The unbelievable purity of Zubrowka Biala comes from the snowy forest of Bialowieza. It is one of the coldest and untouched places in Poland. This authentic Polish vodka is made from high-quality winter rye. The ultimate sweetness of Zubrowka Biala is due to its 7 times distillation and platinum filtration.

Country: Poland

Awards in 2018 LSC – LSC Bronze 2018


Top 10 Recommendations for Vodka and Food Pairing

  - Vodka with Caviar

  - Vodka with Steak

  - Vodka with German and Polish Style Sausages

  - Vodka with Dried or Smoked Beef

  - Vodka and Russian Salad

  - Vodka with Goat Cheese

  - Vodka with Pickles

  - Vodka and Rye Breads

  - Vodka with salted or marinated Mushrooms

  - Vodka and Smoked Salmon

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