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Top 20 Gins to Try in 2019


While there are plenty of different gin styles and brand available, which one would you choose?

In the market, there are many types of gin and a magnificent range of brands with diverse flavours, styles and origins. London Dry Gin is the most popular type of gin flaunting flowery and aromatic characteristics resulting from botanicals added during the distillation process. Craft Gins are a more modern version of the traditional gins, commonly infused with additional flavours. These are usually known as Western gins. With a wide range of preferences available, which one will you choose? Hard? To make it easier, we have jotted down a list of top 20 gins that you can try in upcoming 2019. Here you go!

High Spirits Gin

High Spirits Dry Gin

High Spirits Gin is a small batch gin, distilled from 100% Western Australian grown Triticale. It is a handcrafted Triticale based spirit, and a fusion of vapour soaked local and exotic botanicals. This gin has a rich and dry profile with latent vanilla and peppery finish.

Northern Dry Gin

Northern Dry Gin

Northern Dry Gin is a big punch of juniper, finely balanced with green cardamom providing a warm and spicy flavour. Persian lime with tinges of lemon and eucalyptus intensifies the citrus feel while adding a note of perfume.

Opihr Spiced Gin


A unique style of London Dry Gin is created by the world’s first female Master Gin Distiller, Joanne Moore. This gin is crafted using exotic botanicals, herbs and spices. The handpicked botanicals characterize exotic intensity of orient, with Indonesia’s spicy cubeb berries, India’s black pepper and Morocco’s coriander.

Square Mile Gin


Square Mile Gin comes with woody and nutty aromas of earthy piney juniper with strong citrus power. It has crystal clear appearance. The palate is enhanced with creamy citrus and rich juniper. The addition of water enriches the flavours. On the finish, fresh coriander fades through to leave long-lasting pine and black pepper juniper.

Alnwick Gin

Alnwick Gin

Alnwick Gin is handcrafted using a secret recipe and the finest botanicals. Tasting this gin will give you incredibly smooth and surprising sensations.

Da Mhile Botanical Gin


Da Mhile is an artisan farmhouse gin made from 18 different botanicals. The subtle fresh nose has hints of juniper, spices and rose petals. The palate is floral with bitter and fresh notes of peppery cloves and dandelion. Its silky texture exudes superb botanical mouthfeel. The finish has intense juniper tones and the cool of peppermint.

Oxford Dry Gin


Oxford Dry Gin is a classic gin with Juniper in front and layers of bright citrus and fragrant botanicals. It’s created in hand-built copper still using exclusive populations of old heritage.

Slingsby Navy Strength Gin


The sleek black bottle of Slingsby Navy Strength Gin indicates that it is something very special. This gin uses a botanical mix including Primrose, sweet cicely, nettle, rhubarb, milk thistle, rosehip and Taylors of Harrogate green and jasmine tea. This stronger and richer gin makes great body and intensity while retaining its classic smooth finish.

Alpine Gin


Alpine Gin is made on hand-made Detroit still using full vapour extraction. It produces balanced and amicable fragrances and taste that is enjoyed neat, with soda or lemon.

Two Birds Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin - Two Birds

Two Birds Old Tom Gin is sweeter, predating the London Dry Gin of the Victorian era. It is best enjoyed with tonic, cocktails or even neat.

Dorset Dry Gin

Dorset Dry Gin

Dorset is a style of London Dry Gin. It is well-balanced and juniper-forward, with bright and refreshing Dorser notes of samphire, handpicked gorse flowers and elderberries. It has juniper pine forward nose with hints of crisp lime citrus. The palate is lead by juniper followed by spice. It is lightly sweetened by herbaceous blue-fruit notes.

Van Diemen’s Gin

Van Diemen’s Gin

Van Diemen’s Gin has been inspired by the surrounds of the distillery. It is made using botanical grown with Lawrenny’s orchard, such as strawberries and almonds, as well as lime flowers. Its profile reflects a bright and sunny day at the Estate. The palate has fruity notes and the fresh herbal aromas leaving with a lingering finish.

Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin Poetic

Originating from the mid-1800s, this classic Old Tom Gin reflects sweeter and peppery taste. Botanicals used in it gives this gin its sweetness while oak casks add flavours and colour. Rose petals infuse a unique character to the sweetness and light rose gold hue.

Bloom London Dry Gin

Bloom London Dry Gin

Light and floral, this is inspired by nature. This gin is distilled by the oldest distilleries in the UK using a traditional copper pot still and fresh spring water. Three main botanicals used in this gin are, flowers of chamomile and honeysuckle, and the citrus fruit pomelo.

Tommy’s Gin


Tommy’s Gin is made using botanicals including poppy seed, juniper, coriander, liquorice root, blaeberry and sweet orange. It has the sweetness of poppy and a hint of liquorice, as well as the tartness of blaeberry. Serve it with wedges of lemon and Walter Gregor’s tonic for the best experience.

Frikin Gin


Frikin Gin is made using a distinct botanical London Dry style recipe. During the resting time, the colour of this gin changes to an alluring golden hue. It has notes of toffee, caramel, vanilla and sweet oak which are infused into the spirit during resting time. It can be enjoyed neat over ice or garnished with a twist of lemon or sprig of rosemary.

Seaweed Gin


Seaweed gin is made using hand selected variant of botanicals. It is created to complement seafood it is infused with. Try it with Welsh fish and shellfish recipes.

Applewood Gin

Applewood Gin

Applewood Gin takes full advantage of tart, bright-green flavours of finger lime and super savoury dessert lime. Botanicals used in this gin are peppermint gum leaf, wild thyme, pepper berry, wattle seed, anise myrtle, macadamia and juniper. For the best experience, serve it with good quality dry tonic and garnish with fresh orange with lemon thyme.

City of London Dry Gin

City of London Dry Gin

City of London Dry Gin has aromas of piney juniper and zesty pink grapefruit, orange and lemon. It also has notes of celery, sage and Parma violet. Crystal clear in appearance, it is clean and characterful on the palate followed by the aftertaste of piney juniper, citrus and subtle peppery spice.

Old Tom

City of London Old Tom

City of London Old Tom is slightly sweetened and reflects hints of warm spices and zesty citrus notes. It has aromas of juniper and citrus with subtle caramel. Crystal clear in appearance, it is well-rounded with juniper, coriander, nutty angelica and a hint of sweetness.

Gin is majorly used for making classic cocktails. Do you know where the first gin was created?

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