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Photo for: London Gastropubs and London Bars to Look Out for in 2020!


London Gastropubs and London Bars to Look Out for in 2020!


10 best London gastropubs and London bars to look out for in 2020.

  1. The Culpeper, E1

The Culpeper is an astoundingly beautiful pub that has embraced a 4 storey building with the ground being the pub, the first being the restaurant, the 2nd floor is for bedrooms, and rooftop being a garden to relax. The garden of the rooftop consists of seasonal vegetables grown inhouse to be served within the restaurant. Although the rush at the pub is on peak days so high that the inhouse produce would deem insignificant in volume, the pub has fantastic service and a commitment of hospitality nearly rarely seen anywhere else. The food is heart-melting and destroying the picturesque food served seems absolutely worthy!

The rooms are beautifully made with a vintage wood finesse and truly warm blankets, welcoming you into one of the cosiest beds ever. Unlike the pub, you are going to have to reserve a table at the helplessly merciless restaurant on the first floor which is always packed. This is the go-to place for all those visiting East London also for Londoners too.

  1. The Gun, E14

Canary Wharf is a must-visit in London, and The Gun is a must-visit a pub in Canary Wharf!

The Gun is an eloquent spot, the signboard of which quite literally has a representation of a gunshot through it. Whilst I am writing this, the Fuller's (those that have acquired the gun) anniversary has just passed a few days back and they have turned 174 years in the drinks business.

Facing the Riverside, this spot is a true amalgamation of antique, grace, and alcohol.

  1. The Empress, E9

The Empress was first opened in 1873 by John Bourke and named in the honour of Queen Victoria, who had been proclaimed the Empress of India on 1 January 1877.

Two words! Seasonal food! The colourful food and equally delicious taste have kept the locals a regular for more than a century now. A pub that serves mouth-watering weekend brunch, £10 Monday and many other styles and with classic London beers, cocktails and moderns wines that are hot.

  1. The Bleeding Heart Tavern, EC1

The Bleeding Heart Tavern EC1 is a gastropub which has a very charteristic bar that serves not only London classics but some of the world's and London's best liquor and food. Not only is its London style bar praiseworthy but the kitchen also serves some seriously lipsmacking food!

  1. The Peasant, EC1

It feels like one has entered the world of one of Charles Dickens' novels! Numerous beautiful paintings, candle lights, it looks anything but a gastropub! It is an English paradise!

Biting into the juicy scallops, and enjoying the black risotto with your partner under the mesmerizing chandelier is a treat that one cannot put a price on. Oh no but The Peasant has certainly put peasant wages with starters at nearly £7 and mains at £15.


  1. The Flask, N6

A cosy water inlet with luscious food The Flask is a pub with a beautiful historic interior.  The oldest part of their pub dates back to 1663. The gastropub has a bar that which serves some of the best London classics. The clean rustic look of the gastropub and bar feels very inviting!

Excellent service at a lovely location, the Flask is owned by the Fuller's who have amounted to owning nearly 400 pub estates today.

  1. The NorthPole Bar and Restaurants, SE10

A Bar Tapas Menu complete with light finger foods comprising the best British classics like the Hot & BBQ wings, onion rings, butterfly prawns and Lamb Chops! The list goes on and on! The NorthPole Bar and Restaurants' Guacamole is something that I simply cannot forget!

Creamy hummus and the pita bread served with a smile is a bar sider that I would always order for a light meal!

If you love fried seafood, their chilli salt crispy fried squid is their most heavenly appetizer! Its smokey flavour with a hint of lemon is flavoursome and a tasty liquor partner!

  1. The Fox and Hounds Pub, SW11

A pub that is truly proud of its bar, The Fox and Hounds have the finest ales in the city of London. From some classic local beers to some of the most premium whiskies like Sipsmith, The Fox and Hounds pub loves to remain a “buzzy, friendly, and traditional spot”. They serve a Med-inspired menu which feels light on the appetite. The bar absolutely lightens up while being one of the cosiest and warm places amongst all London bars in times of winter and Christmas!

  1. The Atlas, SW6

If there is something that I could tell you about The Atlas then it'd be that they know who they are!

They call themselves a public bar! The robust scarlet red walls and the freshness of flowers with a buzz of people always moving in and out, the Atlas loves its locals! The public bar is divided into two parts, the bar and the gastro boozer.

Frequently described as the “hidden gem” the gastropub and bar have relentlessly served liquor and yummy food since the last 20 years.

The hardens survey has rated it a 4 on food, service and ambience, which says a lot more than you need to know.

“The new secluded garden terrace” (much bigger and smarter than the old one) is another reason to visit.” -Hardens 2019

  1. The White Horse, SW6

One of the most immaculate bars of London, the bar serves craft beers and also some premium wines like 19 Crimes. You could long drinks and spring gins like their recommended Aperol Spritz and Hendricks & Cucumber.

A watering hole in one of the prime spots of London, The White Horse dates back to the 1800s. The bar is loved by its local residents since it serves some awesome rib-eye steak with watercress and horseradish butter!

Really? The bar has a kids menu? Yeah! No wonder the local residents love this spot!

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