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Photo for: 3 Things Bartenders Look for in New Brands


3 Things Bartenders Look for in New Brands


Insights from Luca Rapetti at the London Spirits Competition on the 3 Things Bartenders Look for in New Brands.

LSC interviewed Luca Rapetti, a judge at the 2018 London SpiritsCompetition on 3 Things Bartenders look for in New Brands. 

Luca Rapetti: So basically we need to look at the package because especially when we think about a 5-star package of the bottle is really important. Secondly, the quality of the product itself, if there is a value in terms of price and the quality of the product. And also some interesting fact...

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About Luca Rapetti

Luca Rapetti is a Head Bartender at Brown’s Hotel, St.Mayfair, London, UK. He is an experienced Collaborator with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. 



About London Spirits Competition:

The London Spirits Competition is an annual international spirits competition organized by Beverage Trade Network. It is the most relevant and one of its kind competitions that rates, reviews and awards spirits based on quality, value for money and packaging.

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