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Photo for: 3 Things Bartenders Look for in New Brands


3 Things Bartenders Look for in New Brands


Insights from Luca Rapetti at the London Spirits Competition on the 3 Things Bartenders Look for in New Brands.

LSC interviewed Luca Rapetti, a judge at the 2018 London SpiritsCompetition on 3 Things Bartenders look for in New Brands. 

Luca Rapetti: So basically we need to look at the package because especially when we think about a 5-star package of the bottle is really important. Secondly, the quality of the product itself, if there is a value in terms of price and the quality of the product. And also some interesting fact...

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About Luca Rapetti

Luca Rapetti is a Head Bartender at Brown’s Hotel, St.Mayfair, London, UK. He is an experienced Collaborator with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. 


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