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Photo for: Importance of Glassware in Cocktail Serving


Importance of Glassware in Cocktail Serving


Insights from Terrile Massimilanio at the London Spirits Competition on the importance of glassware in the cocktail serving.

LSC interviewed Terrile Massimilanio, a judge at the 2018 London Spirits Competition on the importance of glassware in cocktail serving.

Terrile Massimilanio: The glassware is important obviously. What is a cocktail? Cocktail is not just the liquid inside of what you drink is that the glass is the garnish is the story behind the cocktail and obviously something particular like for example; what is a Tiki mug? A Tiki mug is something very high catching. So if you see behind a bar a nice selection of Tiki glasses with a nice face a nice honey more you finger you know what you serve on that drink? Can I try that drink? This is how you teach...

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About Terrile Massimilanio

Terrile Massimilanio is a Head Bartender at Duck and Waffle, London, UK. Terrile has more than ten years of experience in the hospitality business. He has worked with various restaurants and bars including 21 The Print Room cocktail bar (Covent Garden), Smith's of Smithfield cocktail bar (Barbican), Avalon club (Piccadilly), Giraffe (Soho) and Portofino Kauai.


About London Spirits Competition

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