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Photo for: Italy's Amaro San Marco claims Liqueur of the Year 2022


Italy's Amaro San Marco claims Liqueur of the Year 2022


London Spirits Competition has revealed their favourite liqueur at 94 points and a Gold Medal

Whether you’re a pro bartender or a newbie drinker, there is no doubt that liqueurs are slowly becoming part of all home bars. If you’re wondering which bottle to buy on your next trip to the store, we’ve got the answer for you!

More than 2000 spirits and liqueurs participated in London Spirits Competition 2022, where they were evaluated as per quality, value and packaging by a panel of the country’s best bartenders, spirit buyers, bar owners and managers and industry experts.

They awarded AMARO SAN MARCO by Sarandrea Marco & c srl as Liqueur of the Year 2022, and also Best in Show by Country.


This liqueur was born around 1920, at the end of the First World War, when the Capuchin Paolo Sarandrea, after leaving the position of Military Chaplain, resumed his studies as a herbalist with the aim of highlighting the virtues of the medicinal plants that they abound in the Ernici Mountains. Supported by his brother, Marco Sarandrea, he developed the ancient recipes of medicinal liqueurs, such as the "Biosfero" tonic and restorative liqueur, or the current "AMARO S. MARCO". The plants that characterise it perform to the maximum their properties infused in high quality alcohol and spring water.


The right quantities of carefully dosed ingredients make Amaro S. Marco a very high level liqueur with properties that go beyond the simple digestive.

Tasted at the end of a meal either neat or with ice or as an aperitif, Amaro S. Marco is full of pleasant aromas and fragrances.

What to expect?

Aromas of maple syrup, chocolate shaving and mint on the nose. A well-integrated flavour of dried herbs and complementing chocolate flavour on the palate with a note of liquorice towards the finish.

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Written by Stuti Khetan, Beverage Trade Network

It's time to enter your brands in the 2023 London Spirits Competition and grow in 2023. The submission deadline is February 22. Enter now and ship your samples.

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