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What Your Favorite Bartenders Drink When They're Not Working

Nine of the UK’s leading bartenders tell us what they like to drink after serving drinks all day.

These bartenders can mix up a mean Negroni or mix up a few of their own cocktails. So what do they like to drink when they’re not behind the bar themselves?

We spoke to some of the UK’s leading bartenders to find out what they like to drink when they’re not working. 

  1. "Everyone expects the bartenders to be the most complicated people to please when it comes to drinks. I have to say that most of us are fairly easygoing. A simple glass of champagne, wine, or beer will do. In my case, I love a good glass of champagne. However, if I decide to have a cocktail, I most likely will have a Gin Martini with Olive or Negroni." - Tiago Mira, Bar Manager, The Goring Hotel

Gin Martini

Gin Martini, Source: Tiago Mira

“I usually have a 50/50 Gin martini, or a Sazerac at the end of a long evening.” - Arnaud Volte, Bartender, Lobby Bar at The London EDITION

“Depends on what time of the day I am drinking: if it is aperitif time I love to drink negronis and Milano Torino. If it is after-dinner, I love a very well-made daiquiri with dark rum.” - Salvatore Megna, Head Bartender, The American Bar, at the Stafford Hotel

Salvatore Megna

Salvatore Megna, Head Bartender, at the Stafford Hotel, Source: Salvatore Megna

“I love to enjoy a fresh pint of beer or a nice glass of wine. But in the end, what matters most is the company.” - Federico Pavan, Assistant Bar Manager, The Donovan Bar at The Brown’s Hotel

“Mostly rum, beer, and some cocktail for the occasion.” - Nelson Carvalho Reis, Bartender, White City House 

“Boulevardier, gin martini, whiskey. Not necessary in this order” - Daniel Susko, Head of Bar, The Birley Clubs

Daniel Susko

Daniel Susko, Head of Bar, The Birley Clubs, Source: Daniel Susko

"It really depends on my mood and the weather (summer, winter, etc ...) but I enjoy aged Rum like Zacapa, Diplomatico, Dictador 20. Regarding aperitif or cocktails, I love classics like the negroni, last word, or Hemingway Daiquiri, Rum Old Fashion. I love tasting the creation of the Bar, like their signature cocktails.” - Aurelie Montana, Bar Manager, D&D Group

“Ketel One Dry Martini, with a twist.” - Emilia Wrelton, Bar Manager, The Ivy


Caipirinha, Source: Gary Burdekin

“If I'm going for a cocktail, it would be a Caipirinha. I do like a single malt whisky, an Islay, or Speyside if I had my pick. If not that, I'd stick to red wine, maybe a pinot noir.” - Gary Burdekin, Master Bartender, TGI Friday’s UK.

[Pictured in the header: Emilia Wrelton

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